Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A New Practice

As for many of you, photography has been like medicine for me. Learning to express myself by making pictures has opened my eyes and my heart.  I've learned not only the craft but also the art of photography, such that I feel like a new person from the inside out.

This blog, Pic Me Up, was a necessary and important place for my creative growth. I've reviewed my work and set new directions for my photography practice. I love that we evolve, that learning never ends, and that our creative work reflects these changes. Or, perhaps our creative work drives the changes we see in ourselves? Either way, I feel gratitude for the ability to recognize what has importance in my life, to visualize those experiences, and make a very personal photograph that is art.

My new practice has a new home. Like Medicine For Me is my daily photography practice, a no-frills journal. One picture, a few shared thoughts, no comments, no followers, no fancy galleries or navigation. Stop by for visit from time to time and see what's new or drop me a note. It's always a pleasure to talk with you!


  1. Hi dear Donna!
    I'm happy to read that you've find a new place to express your art and focus on a new direction. Pic me Up was a great adventure and the first part of your photographic journey's construction and a place where many admirers and friends liked to share their feelings and emotions after each post... I'm glad to know that I can see your work in another place and I rushed to "Like Medicine for me" immediatly after reading this post... Thank you so much Donna for inviting us to this new place and sharing with us your emotions and evolving journey... see you on the other side... my best wishes for the volume II of your photographic book of life...

  2. Donna, I am wishing you all the best as you travel I. Your new direction. I loved our visits and I will continue to enjoy your work on your new blog. Your journey has helped many, me included. You are wise, talented and caring. You will be fine. Not many know their path but I believe you do. Xo

  3. Oh, Donna! Your thoughts are so closely matched to mine. I discontinued our 'family' blog last May because the other two had kind of abandoned me and I felt more directed to doing exactly what you're planning, although maybe not daily. If/when I get back in the game, it will be a photocentric blog with just a photo and thoughts or quote. I can't wait to visit your new place!

  4. Well low and behold I thought the comments section was turned off as I mentioned in my e-mail to you. :) I am going crazy. I think we all go through different aspects of life that we just should go with the flow. You are such a talent in words and photography it would be ashame to limit yourself in anyway.

    1. Had to come back and say I found your new home. Yea for Squarespace. I love this web space so much and yours looks wonderful. I have missed so much of your photography and I just maybe going the way you have because some days it is getting to me with comments. I know I have gone through this ever so often and this is one of them. I had been thinking along these lines for several weeks now and just may have to follow suit. Need to think on this some more. I love your photography and are so happy to see it again. Much love my sweet VA friend.

  5. I'm so glad you've started another site, Donna. One that works for you, and your expressions of you. Although I enjoy connecting with you through the comments, I respect your choice not to have them on your new site. I'll be visiting you often, just the same. Blessings, my friend!

  6. After a respite, I am slowly getting getting back to taking photos and making my way back to blogs. What a delight to find you again. Your work is always inspiring to me. :)


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