Saturday, January 23, 2016

What I'm doing now

There is a new energy, a new feeling coming into my life. My life is changing and it is fun - nothing about my circumstances has changed only my perspective has changed. This is a beginning.

I'm joining in The/now page movement, created by Derek Sivers. The idea is to include a page on your blog or website that summarizes your priorities and helps you to stay focused.

What I'm doing now . . .

I'm in Virginia, staying focused on things that matter most. I'm spending my time on these things –

. . . being a partner to my sweet husband and a mother to my two grown sons

. . . helping to care for and support my mother who has dementia

. . . staying fit by walking, cycling, hiking, practicing yoga and taking group classes

. . . reading, praying and meditating - often with a cup of tea

. . . preparing and enjoying healthful food, cooking at home, mostly

. . . exploring, wandering, discovering – artful adventures to museums and cities, movies, visiting historical sites and rural America

. . . spending time with friends, either in person or through correspondence – cards and letters

. . . getting a good night's sleep – curfew 11pm

. . . making pictures and other creative endeavors like quilting or writing

. . . enjoying a slower pace and a simpler life

Along this same notion, that declaring our values and setting our priorities is good, come some wise words from Holly Wren Spaulding that resonate with me. 

Despite my energetic and enthusiastic nature, I’ve chosen to actively resist the glorification of busy. More is not more. At least not in my case. More too often means that I feel anxious or fragmented. My focus suffers. My attention wavers . . . 

Busyness keeps the radio on, the tv, and the phone, which pings insistently until we become habituated to reading each text as it arrives, regardless of what else we may be doing: conversing with a friend, preparing carrot soup, tending our newborn, driving, running, walking, listening to the wind, sleeping.

I'm letting go and trusting in the process of life. I'm learning to set limits on how much I will do or tolerate and to say "no" when appropriate.

This is what I am doing now. I'd love to hear what you are doing now.


  1. I have a similar feeling, it has been with me for the last two weeks..I have been depressed due to suffering 5 or 6 major losses in as many years... I put on weight which depressed me more..What is strange is that my circumstances are the same also..No mindful change of perspective, no new accomplishment / goal reached, no new exercise program or diet....For no reason I just feel better, the best that I have felt in almost a year..

  2. I love that picture of your mother, Donna! and to see the results of you making some good choices, for yourself. I'm so proud of you, and am so inspired by what you share of yourself here. I'm honored to call you friend, friend. Have a blessed weekend!

  3. First off love that image of my Mom, so poignant but so much hope in that look of hers. Much of what you are saying we have talked about and so I agree with your choices as they are mine also. Life has a way of being so sweet why not slow down and enjoy these moments as they are precious. I often wonder how people will look back on the busyness of today and how they have lived their life. Well mindful is a good word and would be a good word for the year. Humm maybe I will take on a second word for the year! All of your images speak from the heart and go so well with this post.

  4. It seems life these days has become a selection process: the things we must do, the things we should do, the things we want to do. It's hard to sort out the musts and shoulds from the wants. I have spent most of this month learning some hard truths about myself. You have inspired me to write a post about it. As for what I'm about to do now? Get out and shovel!

  5. I just love all of this!! Wonderful to have all these feelings at the beginning of the year to help guide us through the remaining months. I no longer choose a word for the year...but the last one I chose was "mindfulness" and it really made me more aware of bringing that into my I guess it really continues to guide me too. That image you made of your mother is exquisite. Hope you are handling the snow OK! xo

  6. Donna, your words resonate with me. Focused on our priorities and not allowing busyness to become the standard is my goal as well for the new year. I love the way the light dances on your mom's face in your capture. I am sure she and your family feel and sense the love you are showing them as you make them a top priority.

  7. First of all, the picture of your mother is amazingly beautiful. Second, thank you for the reminder, as I start my Monday, that busy is not all it's cracked up to be.

    I'm currently trying to get my son through 11th grade (and math). I have one more year to homeschool and I will be a 20 year veteran!

    I'm also beginning my new journey into writing our "old farmhouse story" on a new blog I started recently. I'm having such a great time with it and it has renewed my passion for blogging.

    More to the point - I will be paying bills and making out the weekly menu today, in between loads of laundry :) Keeping it real!

  8. Such a lovely portrait of your mother. A special memory to cherish. I was so happy the day I cut busyness out of my life and focused on slowing down.

  9. It seems the "letting go" has found its way into many of our happy you are embracing it also. I didn't realize until last week there were many things I needed to let go of, but as I began listing them, I felt a release of stress come over me. It also fits in with "free spirit"...doing more of what I want/need to do. Love your mom's portrait. What a lovely lady she is, and her floral robe is so sweet. Happy week my friend.

  10. Donna I know you are letting go but to me, who has lost myself somewhere, you are doing so much. I seem to have a clear path and some direction. I sure do admire that. I'm going to be working on that in February...I just ordered a notebook today for goal setting.

    That photo of your Mom is stunning. Perfect in fact. I got a nice one of my Father when he was having his issues and yes, I also turned it into a black and white and somehow, they let us see their souls. I framed mine..I hope you do the same. A constant reminder of his status but also a constant reminder of his humaness. All the photo's were lovely. So well taken and processed. It is a joy to visit your blog and I always learn something...I think I've told you that before. So keep on with what your doing now. It is enough...

  11. Dear Donna
    This evening I was reading your last post for the third time and realized it was a bit late to add a comment after so many interesting things said by your friends. Hard also to find something new when so many nice and meaningful words have been already written…
    Beautiful words have been said about your mother’s portrait… and each of your friends was moved by your picture of her as deeply as I am… yet I was impressed by the calm and quietness of her attitude… she seems to be smiling at something we can’t guess, something which is far beyond the curtain and the window, something which may be a feeling of freedom and even of sweet satisfaction… Her disease stopped her in her busyness and she may look at our busy world with a feeling of serene detachment and contentment for not being concerned anymore with this pandemonium… she seems to be already above the world, smiling at our efforts to make our way through it…
    What a nice and perfectly balanced program for a new beginning… caring for others, sharing your time between artistic and healthy activities, avoiding any form of pressure, pleasing your soul as well as your body, listening to your heart, feeding your spirit with books or meditation… being able at the end of each day, when looking back, to feel satisfied and happy with a feeling of full though quiet accomplishment…
    I was touched by the 2 last pictures of your post, first the small rural post office, lost in the middle of nowhere, from where, I guess, you send me and other friends your lovely letters… and also your deck upon which you write your correspondence, you read letters or magazines, you think at your loved ones or you plan new projects and you drink you tea (so honored to see that your cup is standing on my little towel!)… what a lovely and cozy and inspiring place to allow your thoughts or your dreams to wander!

  12. Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL post!
    The picture of your mother is pure gold. She is beautiful too.
    Keep doing what you do :) ❤


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