Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Wonder of It All

Through two friendships, both relatively new to me, I am learning to embrace two words . . .

wonder and wander

These two activities, living in pleasing juxtaposition, lead me to discovery. They break my heart wide open and build me up again, as if new.

The most priceless possession of the human race is the wonder of the world. –Kenneth Grahame

And when I asked my friend how it was she came to find wonder so easily in this world, she answered with the grace of person used to sharing – Serendipitous Unfurling + paying attention

And from my other friend, I learned that quietness is one of the keys to open the door of wonder.

I looked for places to wonder. Places with light and art and people to watch. Wondering.

I walked with no destination in mind. Wandering.

A family on their way to church this Sunday morning brought tears to my eyes. I watched in silence, mesmerized by the moment of tenderness, as they bent low to bring their sweet little daughter along, coaxing her with kindness. Holding her hand, they led her to the place where all wonder begins, where she might discover that Jesus is her friend and loves her no matter what.

By nature I am task-oriented, mostly focusing on the work to be done, and in my determination, I sometimes forget to notice or pay attention. This is a habit – and one I’d very much like to change.

It seems we were made to wonder and wander, and this might require slowing down.

And when I think of slowing down and soaking in the wonder of it all . . . I am drawn back to this picture of my Uncle Al (my father's brother).

On a warm summer's day some years  ago, we both ended up at Grandma's home place entirely by coincidence.  Uncle Al stopped his work, pulled out his brown bag lunch of a sandwich and corn chips and water, and laid down on the grass along the bank, overlooking Rosier Creek. I can recall only a few such poignant moments in my life, where I knew there was a lesson before me as nourishment for my soul. He watched intently as the sunshine played hide and seek behind fluffy white clouds against the backdrop of blue.

Wondering, I'm sure . . . about the wonder of it all.

Many thanks to my writerly friends Miss Polly Hatfield and Helen McLaughlin - both full of wonder.  


  1. Beautifully written. Memories of the song "Happy Wanderer" has now started to swirl around in my mind. With a knapsack on my back I will search out the small treasures of life.

  2. Touching images...what a beautiful gift from your friends! I love how with age it seems that I wonder more and more...

  3. Gosh I think I would love your Uncle Al, my kind of man appreciating that life is sweet. Happy Holidays Donna and here's to many more of your beautiful posts in 2016 on wonder.

  4. Good for you to being open to wonder, it is an amazing thing.

  5. Wondering and wandering are mine by nature...but revealing to others the magic I see? I really want to work on that.

    Such lovely, compelling images. I'm drawn most to the little girl on her way to...Wonder Itself.

  6. Beautiful photo's of your wandering moments...I must say the little girl holding it looks like her father's hand, tugged at my heart sweet and so cute all dressed up in her Sunday best. The deep shadows and processing in black and white transport me to a time when I would be dressed like that on my way to church...and of course, your uncle, what a sweet and lovely moment capture. Today, it is not as easy to lay in grass in and just gaze...another nostalic moment.. your doing some great story telling here Donna.

  7. Thank you for sharing your JOurneY, my friend. I always find such inspiration here!


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