Sunday, November 29, 2015

Pictures, please

It begins with a photograph.

Along the shore . . . 

Just another Sunday . .  .

Typography love at Proper Pie . . .

Ghost signs . . .  the fading remains of signs painted on walls. 

Thanks to Melodye for educating me about Ghost signs. "They are endangered artifacts, for multiple reasons, and beautiful in their own right. Present moments, faded into the past. There is an international effort to raise awareness about their importance (cultural value), and to preserve them for posterity."

  a meaningful life . . . 

It begins with a photograph.  


  1. Lots of goodness here, rich with life in each one. Love the gif. I hadn't heard the term Ghost Signs before but I remember seeing a lot of these in Roanoke. Cool post Donna, hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful.

  2. Oh I love stopping over her Donna because I always learn something new...ghost signs. Your photos are just beautiful...along the shore...places set and waiting for a family meal..gathering and enjoying one another.

  3. I love your thought process and how you link it all together with such wonderful photos. It's always such a treat to see you in my in-box. The shore photos are stunning with lightness and peace. The Sunday morning reminds me of days when I was growing up, such a beautiful scene. Your connection with people though is really what tugs at me. You are out there, doing such good work.

  4. Thank you Donna for sharing the moments and places which inspired you and brought joy in your heart this week.
    Still and happy moments near the lake with your son... so much stillness, quietness and serenity show through these beautiful pictures.
    I share your love for typography abd these old and vintage ghost signs are stunning, in such a -well preserved condition, unfortunately they would be hard to find here in my town as its past isn't an industrial one....
    And as a perfect day always ends with a cheerful family gathering, I guess you enjoyed a wonderful and heartful Thanksgiving celebration...

  5. We just had one of our ghost signs in town restored.

  6. I greatly enjoy your blog but rarely comment although I follow every post. I just had to say how that sign on the building caught my eye. We have an old Uneeda biscuit glass and are interested in the history of the company. We went to Corning Glass Museaum and looked it up and found that it was used to scoop out biscuits..cookies...from a bin.
    I would also like to know..if you don't did you get that single video of sweeping. On your blog. Very nice! Peggy.

  7. It totally begins with a photograph! And I just love the sweeper!! Now to continue getting caught up with all your awesomeness that I've missed while traveling!


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