Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Ongoing Moment

At the heart of photography there is wonder, discovery, and exploration.

And with this journey comes enlightenment and awareness.

Along the way the path demands expression, creativity, and growth. And you can learn a lot from getting lost.

This is how I find myself.

Moments reveal themselves simply because I have put myself in the right situation for them to happen.

A playful and loving interchange between a big sister home from college for the first time and her little brother.

A student lost in study in a local coffee shop.

An artist lost in reverie, sketching, amidst the busyness of coffee and conversation.

Wide open spaces and rivers and the kind of quiet that allows you to hear the leaves crunching below your feet.

Everyday people who dedicate themselves to service and country. Heroes-in-the-making. As we hiked through Leesylvania Park along the Potomac River, we watched in awe as Marines trained for missions to come. Drenched by sea and spray from a helicopter and a boat, cold and wet, they paddled and persevered.


For moments like these, things that cannot last, I give praise.

“. . . though there is nothing to solve even as each moment is an answer.”   Claudia Rankine