Thursday, October 1, 2015

Down Time

When I decided to take a 30 day break from the internet, I had a few friends who questioned whether I might not be escaping, but rather hiding. And they had good reason to ask.

But in the end, I listened to the small voice inside that begged for my attention. What are you doing with your one and only life? What does all the scrolling and posting and texting and emailing add up to?

I do not declare any profound realizations, but I do claim that the joy of missing out opened the door for a more interesting, more fulfilling, and less stressful life for me. I worried that I might be left behind, but instead I was liberated, free from a set of demands that I, and I alone, placed upon myself.

If you asked me to reflect on this month, I would likely share some stories of heartache. There were difficult days of sadness and loss and hurt. But throughout the month, I lived this life, embracing all of it – taking pictures to document the people and places I love, speaking through my images.

So, I think I’ll simply share some of my favorite pictures from the month. 

White Oak Canyon - Shenandoah National Park

It's a Dog's Life

Travel in Style

Under the Big Top

Tea & Toast on the Front Porch


Picture Love

Field Work

Destination Fredericksburg

Chuck Wagon Tractor

Stand for Something

Finding my Way


the stories we tell


Lamplighter Roasting Company No.1

Pastoral View

Garden Path

Potting Shed

Governor's Palace - Williamsburg

Artifact Uprising - Print What Matters

I’ll continue to post here from time to time, though likely less often.  And if you have the time, you can always visit Patchwork Photos on VSCO Grid. 

It's a privilege to share this space with so many creative, giving and supportive friends.  I'm looking forward to catching up with each of you.


  1. Needless to say, you were missed but I do understand the quiet time away from all of this. It is important and I don't think people realize the time they spend on either a computer, iPad or iPhone. I know I have not regretted staying away for IG and Facebook since the first of the year. I had given myself a year to stay away and I really haven't missed it. I will not say I will not go back to IG but, I do know this I will go back with a different attitude with social media. I much prefer my blog as my journal with photography. I think also we need to evaluate from time to time why we do what we do and is it a benefit to you. Love the images you took, they each tell a story of what you saw and that is what photography should say. Missed you. :)

  2. happy to see you back...images are exceptional as always...your eye is exquisite...your thoughts profound...

  3. I found when I took a break in May, it WAS liberating! I didn't miss social media at all, although I still posted on IG everyday, but I was in the middle of a 100 day project, and I MUST always have a project! You had a great month photographing things you love, so worth while.

  4. Thought of you often and wondered how your break was feeling. I've not posted often and have no desire to be on a schedule; retirement, for us, means no schedule. So, I salute you for finding what feels right for you, and following that path. I'm quite content letting go of other's expectations, and I'm working on that feels good letting go. Your photos reflect a gentle life, a way to follow your dreams, and enjoy "in the moment" times. Bravo, Donna!!

  5. Just as the seasons change so do we...often we find what worked last season does not fit this season. Finding the balance that makes our lives work is what is important and it looks like during your time away from social media, you found a new rhythm that is working for you. Good for you....It was a treat to look at your captures from your time away. So much peace flow through them.....

  6. the mug pictured in Tea and Toast a Judy Gibson creation? Reminds me of her work.

    I've just begun to follow this blog. I'm disappointed in the timing, and I look forward to the posts you do make. Love your photos.

    1. (posting again so I'll be notified of a response)

    2. Hi Carol, Thanks so much for visiting. Sounds like you and I both have a great appreciation for pottery. I have mix-and-match pieces from artists in my community. The mug in Tea & Toast was made by a potter from King George, VA - Daniel Christie. He makes mugs that are used and sold in a local coffee shop - and it's my pleasure to support local artists.

  7. So glad you shared your favorite shots from the month. So many good ones it's hard to pick a favorite although I just love that car! I've posted very little, in fact I took very few shots with my canon. I have gotten focused on my 'art' however and I think I'll try Artifact Uprising for some prints. Yours look great.

  8. Hey sweetie pie! I've missed you! But funny...with my three week Oregon trip I was out for most of September as well! I did find internet service every once in a while for a few posts on Instagram, but that was about it! I can't say I totally unplugged during the 3 weeks in Oregon...but pretty darn close! Any who...wonderful to see your postings and your images certainly tell us a story for your month! Welcome someone mentioned in another comment...we are fortunate enough to be retired...screw the schedules! xoxo

  9. it looks like you had a productive time some lovely memories for you to hold..

  10. You have been missed, my friend. Your images speak loudly, softly and eloquently, as always. I'm glad you will still be blogging, even if it's not as frequently. I don't have a vsco account, so will look forward to keeping up with you here. (PS the car is my favorite, but I truly loved them all!) Blessings,

  11. Hi Donna!
    How pleased to see you back on your blog with such a wonderful series of pictures, so different from one to another... giving us an overview of the places you visited and the activities you indulged in during this past september. Sad to read that you endured painful moments... Just hope that this break has been a positive opportunity to care about yourself and the ones you love more than usual and among other activities to start this quilt you've had already in mind. I must say I love this picture of you in front of your vintage sewing machine and what we can guess will be a lovely quilt with bright colors (coordinated to the colors of your clothes!).
    I've visited your VSCO grid and also journal and discovered pictures which were not on your blog... Smart presentation with a place for some text. Already in my faves!

  12. I think a break is good for all of us. We get too plugged in and we don't stay in the present. I've been absent from my blog since the end of May. But then I encountered some unexpected health issues and am still absent from my blog. That's okay. When I have something to share, I'll be back. I think too often we let this blogging business and social media control us instead of us being in control. So much to think about! But welcome back. The photos are wonderful!

  13. Oh my how lovely your photo's are...I have missed you but hope that you enjoyed your looks like you did to important right? I love all that you do Donna but that photo of you sewing really is a stunner...I don't even know where to begin to take a selfie like that. Your headband is a winner...honestly so cute and it reminds me of someone who is carefree and just enjoying life at that moment...welcome back and welcome to Autumn.

  14. Donna your photo's on Vsco cam grid are lovely...can you tell me, is this part of instagram or totally different...I love how the photo's are you also do Instagram...


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