Monday, August 17, 2015

Smile, It's Your Birthday

You have to be careful when you tell friends and family you collect things. 'Things' can be interpreted in a variety of ways, and before you know it your collection of vintage flower frogs is overtaken by stuffed frogs, frog signs, and frog knick-knacks – none of which will hold nor arrange even a single flower.

Lesson learned.

I don't tell just anyone I collect vintage cameras. But my nephew, Ken, is as keen as they come. He's a young man with his own sense of style and a ready smile. A guy who can spot a bargain and loves to shop the Goodwill. One who thinks of others more often than himself. He loves to take pictures and has a Canon 7D, just like me. He picked up a bag of old cameras for a song and shared them with me. How lucky am I?

This blog post, short and sweet, is my way of wishing Ken a very Happy 23rd birthday.

Ken, I wish you many, many happy camera shutter actuations!  Thanks for adding these beauties to my collection.

For those who don't know:  Actuations are the number of photographs your camera has taken – the shutter count. Kind of like your camera's life expectancy.  I know this because I pressed the shutter on my Canon so many times, I wore out the shutter circuit!


  1. Great haul of vintage cameras! I remember when I collected Precious Moments, I got one for every birthday and Christmas for years from the in-laws, they all sit downstairs in the storage room now.

  2. very lucky! a happy day for both you and Ken!

  3. Ooooooo nice find. And nicely displayed.

  4. I chuckled about your frog collection! What a thoughtful nephew you have--he shared a wonderful collection with you.

  5. So true on telling others your collections. I remember when I was a wee gal, I collected pigs, don't laugh it was a short-lived obsession. But I remember getting these pigs so many times after I had fallen out with them.

    Such a great nephew you have and what a perfect collection for a photographer.

  6. Collections? my family was the worst! You just mention you like something and that's all you got for Christmas that year, lol! Happy birthday to your sweet nephew - I imagine it's fun to share your love of photography with him. Have a great week, friend!


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