Friday, August 21, 2015

Rhythms of the Swing

Every once in awhile, you take a picture or two that moves your heart.

And sometimes, it's just because you flat-out love the subject.

I took this photo of my youngest son, swinging on the playground at Alum Springs Park in downtown Fredericksburg in March 2002.  He was almost 5 years-old with kindergarten just around the corner.

When I got this series of film pictures back from the photo lab and opened the envelope, I cried. Tears of joy.

I could see two things with great clarity.

This child who loved to swing, would one day soar.

And this mother who tried so hard to pretend, could finally be vulnerable and show her true self.

Mother and son, we share a passion for pictures. We've something to say, something to share, and photography has helped us both to find our voice.  

Today he heads off for college, and he's ready to jump from the swing and fly with confidence.

And I am grateful for every day we spent on the playground, with him swinging and me pushing.


  1. Happy Collage Day to your son, what a sweet touching post Donna

  2. Great memories! And he will soar and be just fine and so will you! It is time for both of you to spend your wings.

  3. Oh my! Sending your youngest off to college...may your hearts remain filled with many wonderful memories, and longing for new memories to be made.

  4. smiling....such a sweet post. good luck to him!

  5. Such a tender post Donna, good luck to your son as he starts a new phase of his life !

  6. Another precious moment {or two} captured so beautifully by you, my friend!

  7. So have to be filled with all kinds of emotions...thank you for sharing this look inside your life. Precious moments.

  8. Oh, he was so cute then . . . and still very cute now. Feet first he is plunging into his new life, already looking away. But he knows where home is and that supper will be waiting. And it will still be warm.

  9. How we love those pictures that tug at our hearts. I know it will be hard to see him off to college but you can rest in the knowledge that you have prepared the way for him to soar....Sweet post


  10. You’ve been so amazingly prolific this last summer Donna! Where do you find such inspirations and interesting subjects to share with your readers quite every day, such subtle reflections and thoughts to help us starting our day with a positive mind? Your posts are never frivolous, never superficial and reading you is a real gift and a sweet spark which enrich and embellish my days… Thank you for opening your heart and showing your inner self in the most honest transparency…
    Back home after a 6-day trip to Austria with my kids, it was such a pleasure to read in one go (and read again) all the posts you’ve published while I was away… each one touches my heart differently according to the subject… but I can’t remain indifferent after reading what moves you… and as many of your friends have said in the comments, you have the gift to move your readers… and I totally agree with this…
    I’m really sorry that we can’t find in France the publications in which you have written articles… I’m happy to know that you’ve been chosen by the editorial boards and I’m not surprised for this… because you have a real talent for writing and making out of your personal experience something universal, something we can understand and relate to, something which touches every heart… and you say it with the most simple and intelligent words…

  11. He will be so blessed to have this post one day...This is what photography and writing really is for those of us who share from the is our legacy to those we love...who move us deeply.. I had tears reading this one and know exactly how you feel. When I dropped my son off that first day at college...I held it together pretty good or so I thought. I wanted to send him on his way without any negative feeling bad for his Mom because of how sad I was. I was great right up until the end, a few tears were shed but then the car ride home...on my, I cried for two hours...LOL...Letting go is hard, especially if it's the first one or the last one, or the one in between...these photo's are precious and have done well by him and him by you...sharing a hobby is a will honor both of you in the future...stay strong sweet friend.


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