Monday, August 31, 2015

Present & Focused

I recently read an interesting blog post on tiny buddah, How to Avoid Burnout and Take a Digital Break, by Kate Swaboda.

Technology makes distraction an easy option, but there’s so much richness that we can gain from taking a break and gaining a new perspective. If you’re at least a little bit curious about what this might hold for you, listen to that whisper.

Set a date. Begin. 

And so, I will begin.  I'll be offline for the month of September.  I've been going full steam ahead for a long while now, and I need some time to recharge.  Time to follow my new direction and see where it leads.

I'm looking forward to a month of being present and focused. I want to read. I've got a great stack of new photography books to work my way through. I want to take long walks, some with my camera and some without. I want to work on some areas of personal growth. I want to slow down and sit by the shore.

I'll leave you with a few fresh views from the beach, taken just this morning.  Lately, everywhere I turn, it seems there are pictures to be made. Sitting along the edge of the town pier, feet dangling, I watched this sweet family.  Mom and Dad sat aways back from the shore, close enough to keep an eye on the kids but far enough away for a little peace. While the parents snuggled and read, the children ferried buckets of water to the sandy beach and worked to build a sand castle. And there was a quiet harmony so sweet and tender it almost broke my heart. I seems like yesterday my boys were this age, playing on the shore of the Potomac river.

Wishing you beautiful almost-end-of summer days with barefeet, watermelon slices, beach reads, and coffee on the front porch. I'll see you in October!
There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.  –Rumi

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