Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Kitchen Table – Desk

We work where we can. The space to create may be a snazzy studio, the bedroom left behind by children who grow up and out, or maybe the kitchen table.

I tend to think of our home as messy. There are always projects ongoing: letters half-written, calico fabric cut for quilt squares in the making, pictures everywhere, magazines and books with turned down pages, post-it notes and poems taped to the walls, recipes on the fridge.

Yet, in the morning light or upon returning from an afternoon of errands, the house seems quite grand, like a quaint little gallery or a charming cottage.  If you inhale the fragrance of lavender and squint just right, everything looks exquisitely beautiful. The dust dancing in the sunlight, the slight disarray, the melange of materials and art just for the making . . . it's almost magical . . . if I can quiet the inner critic who looks for fault.

My kitchen table-desk tends to reflect my state of being. When I am knee deep in a project, opening bins and containers, shuffling through books for a passage or quote, clipping an inspirational picture from a magazine, typing or thinking or reading or making, well . . . things are cluttered and everywhere. Between projects, I try to re-organize and move to home-base, where each thing returns to its rightful place. I stack and sort and sift. And then I start all over. How very fortunate that we can eat dinner on our screened-in porch during these months. My husband is grateful for a home-cooked meal.

Just ready to begin a few days of letter writing to my new friends, miss polly and vanessa jean, and so the kitchen table-desk is readied for this task. I couldn't resist taking a picture . . . before the making of mail art commences.

Today's kitchen table–desk art is inspired by miss polly, who reminds me to surround myself with flowers and long drinks of cool water.

What are you making at your kitchen table today?


  1. Oh gosh, Donna, I can relate to this and I would love to have a cool water and chat on your back porch. The table and items are wonderful and a lucky friend to get mail from you must be awesome waiting for the anticipation.

  2. I totally relate...I have of late taken over the dining room table (thank god we have a table in our kitchen for eating!) From time to time, I clear it all off...but then it begins's project is working on my pages for an art journal round robin...and then setting up Christimas...article on holiday gift wrapping due on Monday and need a few more pics...your vignette is utterly charming...and I envy you getting back to letter writing!

  3. My spots tend to be all over the house. I photograph inside mostly in our bedroom, because of the north window light, so that does need to by cleaned up after each shoot. Probably a good thing, holds me accountable to not making quite a mess.

  4. So pretty! Mine is full of tools and sign making needs, bummer! Yours is so pretty!!

  5. such a soulful images...I love your still life...I could just look and look and look for a long time. You are so gifted!

  6. It's a beauiful spot to do what you do best...WRITE...looks like you might be using a pen and real paper on this day...I work mainly in my office (my son's bedroom at one time) but like you, it tends to be a bit on the messy side...but clean. When it becomes to much I neaten it up...and then I can't find anything...I love the little piles hanging out with me...they remind me that life goes on and I have projects to do...that's a good day.


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