Saturday, July 11, 2015


The day began with the subtle soft rain of a warm summer day. Anticipating the prompt for Wide Open Day 6, I check my mail.

But today's prompt seems too challenging for me. Maybe I'll skip this one? But, I've promised myself I will at least try.

Henry encourages us to look inward . . .

when we stop shooting with our eyes and start seeing with our hearts, we remember what we felt, rather than what we saw. 

The pictures I think to take all seem to literal, too concrete. Letting to, trusting, seeing from the heart . . . way too vulnerable for me. Can I really photograph and convey what I feel?

I tried taking pictures of the bumper crop of mushrooms in our shady backyard. And I tried taking pictures of the blackberries, bursting ripe and juicy, from the bush near our mailbox. They are gorgeous pictures I'll share on another day.

But the picture I really needed to take, the one that conveys what I feel is this one.

Teenagers are surly. One minute they need you and the next they push you away. I don't normally see this turmoil with love – more often with hurt and frustration and uncertainty. But today I see this push and pull time of our lives with love. He is half in the light and half in shadow, somehow here and yet there at the same time.

I caught this photo because I was open to it. Open to the feeling of in-between where both mother and son are struggling to find footing on earth that is moving.


  1. What a great concept here, I feel raw for both of you. I often feel this even today with my grown up kids. Maybe it is a Mom thing or maybe it is because I think my kids look at me as a child sometimes and they being the adult. He is so handsome and I do remember those days.

  2. Whoa, that was a tough one. I'm glad you pushed through. Bravo!

  3. I thought Henry's prompt was a difficult one too...but nailed it girl!

  4. This class is growing you my friend, blessing you. (and I like seeing you in my inbox everyday)


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