Monday, July 13, 2015


Wide Open Day 8

Our challenge . . . is to see what is revealed and embrace it – accepting what is in ourselves and letting it be a part of the stories we tell. – Henry Loymeyer

I travel the same road week after week on the way to help my mother. Along the way I relax into the countryside, taking in the familiar scenes.

In my mind, I take picture after picture  . . .

the grain silos against the soft blue sky - click 

the tractor plowing the field - click

the mother hanging laundry on the clothesline - click 

The road is too busy to safely pull over and take these pictures.  And so I store them in my heart to look back over in years to come.

Today, the light is soft and warm following an early morning shower. And as I round the bend, the field glistens ahead.  I slow the car. How have I missed this field both coming and going on my past trips?  Plump and juicy tomatoes cascade from row after row of staked plants. Revealed.

I feel as though I have been presented a fine gift - this glorious sight. The light reveals abundance.

And if what what I see is a reflection of who I am, I can look deeper into myself, and see that I am good and more than enough.

Pictures reveal as much about us as they do about the scenes they present. Expression comes through, whether we realize it or not.


  1. Trying again, didn't take the first time, I was saying I sure would love to have some of those tomatoes. We just don't get good tomatoes here in the desert during summer. You see our farmer's markets are during the winter and spring. So glad you saw this on your well traveled route, love the morning glories also, a good childhood memory of those blue beauties.

  2. so I don't know how long this course is...but now I am hooked on your daily insight and the pitch-perfect photo that will accompany it...a moment of pleasure in my day...

  3. I am so enjoying your posts this week form your course - giving me a new appreciation of the beauty in our own back yard. Some thing I desperately need right now. My American back yard.

    And I also want to run down the lane with a big basket! I love homegrown tomatoes!!!

  4. Oh the gifts that we receive when we dig deeper...wonderful!

  5. I can almost touch the plump and juicy tomatoes cascade... perfection! :)

  6. It's easy to miss things as we're flying down the road of life, looking the other way. How wonderful to slow and take in everything around us, all the blessings. Your last line is so true, Donna. I see the truth of it here and on blogs of other photographers and friends as well. You are uniquely and wonderfully made! and, yes, you are more than enough, my friend :)

  7. Love the vibrant pops of red and purple along the green. Excellent find. See what we see when we are just open.

  8. You're right of course. I like to take pictures in my mind too. Sometimes I don't have a choice. Never in my life have I seen a tomato field. That just blows my mind!


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