Friday, July 10, 2015


For Wide Open Day 5 Henry Lohmeyer invites us to think less about which subject to shoot and more about our intention. He encourages us to truly believe that what we see is worth capturing and viewing.

Sometimes my intention is to photograph something beautiful or simple or heartfelt, and I find myself feeling guilty for wanting to express such sentiments.

In a world of gritty and almost painful images, is there value in pictures that are pretty?

Is my expression worthwhile if my only intention is to be still, to soothe, to reflect, to be grateful and feel grace?

When I let judgment go, I realize there is a photo for every person and a person for every photo – and I am the only one who can express my intention, exactly as needed.

I saw this shop, Riverby Books, as I wanted it to be – a place of refuge for every individual and creative soul, equal parts broken and whole. With cozy corners and comfy chairs, decorated with bits and pieces of every kind of art, the place felt a lot less like a store and much more like a home.

Though some say books are on their way out, I find them more compelling than ever, a story unfolding with every turn of the page. And so, this place, overflowing with words, becomes a part of my body of work – helping me to grow.


I find treasure on every visit. The pictures and the words shape how I feel, or is it the other way around?


  1. love book stores like you said, more like home than retail store (and I covert that leather chair!) Your photographs truly communication your intention - what you capture is truly worth it...

  2. There's so much let me start with the book Amy above, I love,love,love book stores and this one so reminds me of one I came across in Minneapolis a few years back. That one even had chickens running around to entertain the children. These types of book stores are so RARE and should be the first place anyone goes to purchase a book. We have to keep them in business! How lucky are we to be inspired by these creative souls! Thank you for sharing this absolutely captured the soul of this place. Wonderful job!

    Next...Henry's course...I signed up for his course too and I love following your responses to his prompts. I knew I wouldn't be able to do the assignments, but felt while I'm on the farm and dealing with many issues here that just reading his prompts and thinking about them would be inspirational and it has been. Seeing your images along the way just puts icing on the cake. I so get your comment about questioning the value in pretty pictures. But just this year I've had a huge change in my thinking and it's photographing for ME and no one else. I'm finally at a point that I could care less what others think...if it's good enough, sharp enough, enough to keep people wanting to see my work. No more. I've turned that corner, but it's taken a long, long time.

    You just keep being you. I love your images and your words!

  3. What a marvelous place ! A place to really relax and enjoy it and your words and images .

  4. What a lovely, restful place! I'm already feeling more relaxed!

  5. Lovely book shop. I love both the electronic book age and the tangibleness of real books. There is a place for both.


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