Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Finding Pieces of Myself

Ten days ago, I began the Wide Open course with the prompt LOST, and today I complete the journey with FOUND.

Once in while, if we are blessed, we take a picture that we feel so deeply connected to it seems as if it belongs to us and we to it. These pictures stay in our visual memory, so that we go back to them time and time again. We are drawn to them because they define us - in them we see who we truly are. And these pictures are the pieces that help make us better or whole.

Photography . . . is that place . . . where we can hold what we see, what we feel, our expression and ourselves tenderly through our viewfinders.  – Henry Lohmeyer

I've spent much of my life trying too hard. Trying to get away from the small town girl that I am – to be smarter, or prettier, or more cultured. Looking back, I think I felt that if I just tried hard enough I could invent or create a better me, one that would always be loved.

I haven't been able to explain my passion for photography . . . and now I see that much of picture-taking has been a way to find myself . . . to move me toward who I am supposed to be.

And so, I find myself right back where I started, at home in my small town on the Potomac.

Where boats and working on the water are still a way of  life . . . 

and old-timers reminisce about times when crabs were plentiful . . .

and the rhythms of nature seem to slow down time . . .

and finally, I'm beginning to embrace vulnerability so that I can live a life Wide Open.

Many thanks to Henry Lohmeyer for holding this space open for me and welcoming every feeling I expressed.


  1. Oh, Donna, I am so glad I know you even if I have never met you. You are truly one of the best writer's I know. So raw is this post, so open. You are so lovely in my eyes to put all of this up on your space. I have felt the same with my life, not the education part as I was never smart enough. I don't mean that as a negative I am what I am and have excepted that. I may not be educated in the formal sense in life or books but have always been a creative person seeing with my eyes is another education. Henry has a way with words also and your quotes here have really shown a side of him I never knew or appreciated. I did enjoy the class for the most part just not the every day of it. These images are the soul of you I feel and so lovely. I really wish I could meet you in person because I do feel like we have so much in common. Have a beautiful day and let it be known you are one special person and photographer.

  2. You're a little part of God, just as we all are. If you say you're not enough, then you're saying God isn't enough. And how can that be? I've been down the same path as you. I know it's hard to love yourself, but when you do, then you are loving God. This is part of my Artist's Statement: My work's a reflection of that Spirit I sense and I see. I create that I may echo the One who once created me.

  3. A beautiful ending. . . or is it a beginning ? Much love, my friend.

  4. Such beautiful photos! LOVE that last one...along with the quote. As always, thanks for the inspiration.

  5. So glad that you gained so much take away from the class. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you just the way you are. You are special and unique, stay that way!

  6. I so love what Jean said above...but we are all vulnerable though... Thank you for being so open and sharing...

  7. I've enjoyed your journey. So many of us spend so much time trying to be something we are not. True peace of soul comes when we find what truly resonates from deep inside and that usually comes from our roots.


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