Thursday, July 30, 2015

Colors in the Crayon Box

I admire the colorful photographs of  picture-makers like Robin Craig and Xanthe Berkley.

Whether capturing the color and culture of travels around the world, that's Robin, or the energy of London life with family in tow, that's Xanthe, their photographs are vibrant and alive.

I've been giving a lot of thought as to how I might bring more color into my work. Consciously, I set about looking for color in my daily travels. As it turns out, small town Virginia is earth-toned. If Virginia had a box of dedicated crayons the colors might include Field Green, Brick Red, Golden Corn, ConeflowerPurple, and perhaps, Dull As Dirt.

Riding toward Belle Plains in Stafford . . . laundry, bright and clean and eye-catching.

On foot, along the side streets of downtown, between afternoon showers, when the sun peaks through the lushness of gardens . . . red birdhouse and bench . . . inviting repose and reflection. 

Stopping at the County Line Orchard, just as we pass into Westmoreland county . . . peaches not grocery-store-perfect . . . juicy and fresh . . . deeply hued by ripeness.

Wishing I owned an old truck like this . . . one for country road adventures with windows down and radio playing wide open . . . when you never know where you might end up and that fact simply doesn't matter.

I found a a few pops of Radical Red this summer. But I'm feeling a little like Denim Blue 'cause summer is slipping by too quickly.

Pass the Sunglow crayon my way. I have a few more pictures to color.


  1. I love red! These shots are fabulous!

  2. Thank you Donna for this new post I discover while I’m having my breakfast… It will brighten my whole day with colors in mind, sure…
    I love still life photography but I’m also much interested by wider photography, the one that shows us the beauties of ordinary life… I love it as documentary records of our environment seen through the photographer’s eyes… and it tells us so much about the photographer…
    Thank you so much Donna for giving us trails to explore, today Robin and Xanthe… I’ve taken some time to visit their blogs and they both seem to be great inspirations… I’ll have to dig deeper into their photography… the only problem is that our days are only 24 hours short!
    The pictures you’ve been posting today are so full of joy, of summer, of energy… and yet you‘ve captured ordinary snapshots, which may be invisible to another person’s eyes… you show us beauty where many people see only an ordinary environment…
    I love the first picture of the series, the laundry one, the movement you could capture (how long did you wait to capture such a dancing and lovely movement of the cloths on the line?), the proportions which leave a great part to the beautiful wall behind, the softened reds and greens on this greyish white background… everything so perfect…
    Wishing this one is he first of a new series and looking forward to seeing which color is the next?

  3. Your fun loving personality shines right through into this post Donna! I enjoyed riding around with you finding these beautiful places and the old truck with sunshine beaming across the front. Odile summarized exactly what these pictures mean, so I'll just ride on her coat tail and add that this brightened my early morning over coffee, and my kitties sitting on the back porch looking out the screen. I love your interpretation of red, and what beauty can be found, even in the earthy toned colors. Have a beautiful day my friend!

  4. Oh my gosh, that peach!!!! Love your photos of summer in Virginia--the colors are wonderful.

  5. You make the ordinary of bland look just so grand. The little red birdhouse and the red bench makes me think did the owner really have the concept of that scene? I like to think so. The curls in the peach oh my I love that The laundry on the line just blowing in the wind, grand.....

    Here in the desert at this time of year especially there is a lot of brown, just the way it is but you can find color all around if you look like you have with your photographic eyes. Love your words you just so have a way with words and take everyone along with the beauty.

  6. Simply delightful, Donna! I love the colors of your town - and your town - the way you share it through your eyes. Delightful!

  7. Quintessential Virginia! I couldn't agree more with your description...small town earth-toned. So true...and oh how I LOVE your dedicated box of crayons. That totally made me smile! But you nailed it (once again) with these images. And oh that truck and heart leaped as these are constant reminders of my daddy and of course if anyone has grown up with a laundry line in the backyard...this image will certainly take you on the "way back machine!" Oh the smell of fresh laundry...I can still remember that smell... You mentioning me in your blog just took my breath away. Thank you...I am beyond honored Donna.

  8. I think this time of year, when the sun washes colors to a dull matte, I think I long for the vibrancy of autumn.

  9. Really loved these...especially the peach...Hummmmmmm, reminds me of you, come to think of it! xo C

  10. adore this are giving me a new outlook for exploring the united states after being away for soooo many years. thank you!

  11. I'm reminded, for some reason, of the Roman tour guide who yearned for summer's end. "The angle of the sun is too harsh," he said, "It bleaches everything to a sameness." He liked autumn best of all, when the sun angled itself into the nooks and crannies of statuary and edifices, transforming ghostly images into lively works of art.


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