Sunday, July 12, 2015


Wide Open Day 7, Henry asks us to awaken to the everyday spaces in our lives with new eyes.

The space that greets me every day is my home – a modern day version of an old farmhouse in an ordinary neighborhood, an older subdivision with tall oaks and mismatched houses. 

Nothing changes, but everything changes depending on the time of the day and the way the light moves through the space.  – Henry Lohymeyer

I’ve searched my home hundreds of times, discovering each sweet spot to make pictures. But I typically avoid the garage. It’s dark and messy, a repository for the lawn mower, yard tools, cleaning supplies, and assorted extras that just won’t fit inside the house. 

I’ve often lamented that my house does not have a studio – a place with soft natural light, an open area to make the pictures I see in my head. 

But this time with a new filter, welcoming change in my photos and myself, I awaken to something new. This space that greets and welcomes me everyday begs to be captured and held. 

And the same old garage, such a familiar space, becomes new. My studio. 

This place I have dismissed, I now see with possibility. Simply by opening the double wide door, the garage fills with light.  The contrast between the dark recesses and the airy light is stunning. The concrete floor is rich with texture. The mottled dry wall and exposed wood joists add character. And the blue table that awaits a purpose is now welcomed as a place for an early morning breakfast.  A cup of coffee and fresh berries. 

We awaken to the truth of what is there, rather than waiting for what it is we want to be there.
 –Henry Lohmeyer


  1. these two images are spectacular! and your garage sounds like a perfect studio to me...surely the lawn mower can be stored outside for the summer!

  2. Wonderful indeed light at it's very best.

  3. That's the best wake up call ever.

  4. Awesome awakening Donna ! Love your images and love that you found new light in an unexpected place :)

  5. Wow! You've got me checking out my surroundings with new eyes, my friend! Absolutely gorgeous pictures!

  6. Oh you have found a winner in that old garage!! This prompt - awakening - and your awakening - just paid for Henry's course! LOVE!

  7. These are just jaw dropping beautiful, Donna! Love them so much! :)


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