Tuesday, July 7, 2015

All That Is Needed

There are some things I'm going to need to let go . . . in order to grow.

I need to let go of past mistakes. They play in my head like a broken record.

I need to let go of perfectionism. Just right will surely do.

I need to stop saying I'm sorry. I am too hard on myself, often apologizing to elicit reassurance from others – even if the other person I'm saying sorry to hasn't been harmed in the least by my behavior – as though I am inherently worthy of blame.

In the Day 2 prompt, Need, for the Wide Open course, Henry Lohmeyer asks thoughtful questions.

What edges do I hide because of a self-invoked shame over nothing more than just who I am – who I must be?

Is there a place in the depths of our souls that we can find this space to hold all that we are? 

I need to play.

I need to slow down, to breathe, and to practice self-care.

I need not apologize for making these needs a priority.

Photography is an extension of who I am, so that what I see is a part of me. If I reject a part of myself, will I not deny myself what I need to be whole?

All that is needed is simply to let go.


  1. How striking Donna that you tell us today about the same subject as the one Kim approaches in her last post... that is perfection or perfectionism...
    We are all eager to make things perfectly, in every aspect of our lives... maybe a question of education... And certainly, the effects of this quest maybe for some people quite blocking...
    Both of you encourage us to try to take some distance from such a quest and consider our photographic journey as a pleasure to be enjoyed rather than a perfect work of art to be achieved...
    Your words, dear Donna, encourage me to "let go", something I've never practiced... but I will try...
    Thank you for such wise and meaningful words...

  2. Play comes hard for me. Most of the time if I'm able to let go and 'play' it's in private for fear of ridicule.
    I'll be watching as you let go. And don't be hard on your self when you take two steps backward because victory will be around the corner.

  3. The self-portraits tell it all here your needs and you going forth to meet those needs. So happy to see your beautiful self and your writings. If you would ever deny you and your type of photography I know I would miss this in my life. Go forth today and met your needs and enjoy the journey.

  4. My husband and daughter say "sorry" all the time, it drives me nuts. I, on the other hand, am rarely sorry. Not sure that is a good thing either.

  5. Your photography surely is a part of you...and you are doing beautifully...I love how you twirl and make motion...I love your choice of a red hat...that's a statment right there..I need to learn how to do self-portraits...yours are wonderful...maybe we all need to let go...of all the rules...
    I love visiting here and I love when you visit me...you get life...isn't that good enough? I think so...xo

  6. BTW....I love that meditation photo...I also love to meditate...but need to do it more often...nice pose there.

  7. Love the playfulness of the first shot and the calm of the second. Pure poetry--both words and photos!

  8. Ditto what Roxanne said...ADORE the playfulness of that first image...so wonderful!!! Love the hair too! :)


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