Wednesday, July 8, 2015


I was searching for a scene to match the feeling of loneliness and sadness that comes with an abandoned home.

Have you ever noticed how quickly a house deteriorates when no one lives inside? It's as though the house begins to curl in upon itself – shutters come loose, grass grows knee high, paint peels, and critters move in.

The home that once nurtured family life with home-cooked meals, good night's sleep, fights and reunions . . . is now left behind, lost.

Not wanting to leave this expression of sorrow unsaid, I need to take this photograph.

I know it the minute I see it. I am grateful for the camera I have with me, and I use it to capture this bittersweet feeling . . . of being abandoned.

Thank you to Henry Lohmeyer and the Wide Open Course for the Day 3 prompt: Abandoned. 


  1. You know how to tell a story in just a few paragraphs...I am amazed at your gift for words and then to find the perfect photo for your words...such beautiful light...and so interesting that even in it's abandonment...she still holds some dignity in her dress...beautiful Donna.

  2. I always feel like I am going to start a good book when I visit here each time. You transform your images into words without ever saying a word. But I always feel I have always learned something from you. Beautiful light in that abandoned window. ,

  3. Perfct match for the prompt Donna! How did you find this abandoned house and could you get in?
    I've noticed that you're working more and more in B&W... such sobriety, sublety and refinement.. B&W pictures tell so much more than color ones... they invite to reflection, even introspection...
    As well, your words sound simple and direct... as a spark... they encourage us to go further and deeper...
    With this beautiful picture you've captured the essence of sadness, of emptiness, of time passing by and you've passed these feelings on to me.

  4. How brilliant that you did find this abandoned house; your monochrome image is just perfect in showing us how charming abandoned houses can be. A weathered beauty (una bellezza segnata dal tempo).
    Have a lovely day, Donna. :)

  5. That certainly does convey a sense of loneliness and abandonment. (And gosh I wish I could write as eloquently as Odile!!)

  6. If only walls really could talk!

  7. Like Odile...I want to know how you came across this jewel! I've always wanted to take a cross country road trip and do nothing but look for abandoned places to photograph. How fun would that be!!


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