Thursday, May 21, 2015

Reaching Out

Creating art, in my little corner of the world, can sometimes be isolating. My pictures are stored here in their very own gallery where I am the curator and most frequent visitor. But then a friend drops by . . . we exchange ideas, share techniques, and get to know each other. And we are connected by creativity and craft.

I recently had the opportunity to meet photographer and entrepreneur, David Rathbone of Saw & Mitre Frame Company. Based here in my home state of Virginia, I am excited to share the virtues of David's high quality, expertly crafted frames. He's the kind of guy who wants his clients to feel the love he puts into his company and his frames.

When you write to David, he writes back -  

One thing I've come to appreciate greatly in running a mostly online business, which can feel mostly anonymous at times, is when someone reaches out.  You made my week! 

And he might even feature a couple of your photographs on his blog and and ask a few questions to get to know you a little better.

I'm delighted to share my passion, The Art of Still, on the Saw & Mitre Journal. Stop by for a visit. David and I both love to reach out.


  1. Oh my goodness Donna ... your photos for the interview are beyond words. I love how you share your thoughtful process and I agree that a person needs to feel a connection to whatever they are shooting in order to get the best images - there's no denying that you put your heart into all of your work. Absolutely beautiful - and congrats on the interview!!

    1. Thank you, Barb. If my work is beautiful, I have friends like you to thank . . . ones who share ideas, and techniques, and camera knowledge. I love this circle of friends and every visit!

  2. Oh sweet Donna I have been thinking of you so much lately and wondering how it is going for you. Your sweet son graduating from high school and life. You are such a creative photographer in all aspects of the craft and your words well, love comes to mind. Congrats on your interview well deserved.

  3. How wonderful that your beautiful photos have been shared with an even wider audience! And your thoughtful words are as beautiful as your photos--you write so eloquently that I can picture your words as I read them (if that makes sense).

  4. Fabulous interview, Donna! David asked insightful questions, and I enjoyed learning more about you and your process :) I'm sighing over your peonies, one of my favorite flowers. Your words and imagery flow so beautifully, Donna, you are a gift! Have a blessed week!

  5. Gosh Donna, I always love reading your posts, but this one and your article on The Saw and Mitre Journal are amazing. I love your writing so much ! Happy Weekend :)

  6. Hi Donna!
    I fell in love with the 4 pictures which make your wonderful collage... your lovely pictures are the proof that wilting peonies can be even more beautiful than fresh ones... mixing pink and white peonies is such a great idea... I love this abundance of flowers on dark as well as neutral background... they seem to have suffered from a recent rain and these droplets add a tangible moving touch ...
    Congratulations for this complete, thorough and so interesting interview of you by David Rathbone… I loved to read about your inspirations… about feeling so comfortable to shoot at home… so true for many of us I guess…
    I so much agree with you when you say “gardening and photography are both borne from a love of beauty in the broadest sense” and this is true for any sort of craft… sewing, painting, making pottery... Shooting is a sort of extension of these artistic skills…
    I’ve often observed that among photographers, many of them were already creative persons before coming to photography, adding then another string to the bow…

  7. Your collage of the peonies is so the pinks and whites together...spring is such a beautiful time of year in all that it brings us, each in our own area, receiving the gifts of colors and flowers are they appear...It is so nice to see your peonies...knowing that mine soon will be here also.
    Happy weekend...

  8. Oh how I enjoyed reading the interview on David's site. Isn't it interesting that all it takes is a little responsiveness and one becomes a customer for life. Love that! All I can say is that your work is amazing and so are you without even really knowing you...but having said that...I think we do get to know a person through their photographs! Awesome post!

  9. Lovely feature on you Donna, and well deserved. You continue to inspire and encourage all of those you connect with.


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