Thursday, May 7, 2015

All In

One of the things I most enjoy about photography is its ability to make me an active participant in experiences, rather than a passive observer.

The things that inspire me most are things I experience firsthand in my own life. My relationships. Fabrics I see on the street. Patterns. Colors. Other people I personally know who are successfully creating their own brand of art. My inspiration is rarely abstract; it comes from actual things I touch, see, and feel.                     
 – Jasika Nicole {from Make It Mighty Ugly by Kim Werker}

Lately, I've been inspired by the color in my garden, just outside my own front door.

And the exhibits and environment of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

And the fun and funky side streets of downtown Richmond near Virginia Commonwealth University.

And the pastoral beauty of Snow Creek Farm in Caroline County where chickens roam freely and eat grass.

My camera is not a fence, standing between me and my subject. I'm not a naturalist quietly observing and documenting. The minute I begin to compose the picture I am actively engaged in the scene and the goodness I feel comes from connection. I'm all in.


  1. Oh, so delightful! I've visited Virginia many times but it's been a while and darned if these photos don't call me to come back! My travel list just keeps growing. Too bad travel time and budget can't seem to keep up. Lovely post today

  2. It looks like you've been out and about quite a bit, Donna! I don't do enough of that in my own area so I find this very inspiring. I love the bleeding heart on the plate with the added little bonus of hearts as handles. Those chickens are so fun and you captured their quirkiness beautifully!

  3. Love seeing you out and about in your own area, sometimes we forget to look around at the places that are near to us. We travel to far away places and never take in the beauty at home. Love the chickens roaming. Gorgeous still life and also love how you used the ribbon around the bobbin.

  4. I especially love the shots in Richmond--I lived there for a time when I was just out of grad school and loved it there. I often visited the museum and those streets around VCU!

  5. Oh, you have a bleeding heart - you are blessed! Funny, I actually had a dream about the bleeding heart bushes we had in front of our house in Vermont last night. I haven't been successful with them here in south TX. Looks like you've been out and about enJOYing life! Love the bunny and the self-portrait! Have a blessed weekend, my friend.

  6. Pie! Where is that pie place? I seldom see this funky side of Richmond, stuck as I am down Motor Mile on Broad Street in the West End. Summer-time roamin'. You'll be doing lots of it this summer, making your camera your best friend. And we'll reap the benefits!

  7. So many lovely pictures Donna! Each one with its own story...its own different mood and style... each one being a facet of your personality... I think I understand what you mean when you say you're all in... two words for a wide concept, hard to say it in a few words in french! You are at the same time behind your camera but also part of the scene.. your eyes and fingers are behind the camera but your mind and heart are already on the other side.... you have such a sharp eye and see what other wouldn't even notice... I love the architectural details of your town and their straight lines and bright colors... love also the nine-patched collage on the museum and the way you appear half hidden behind the program close to a very graphic quilt.... love this touch of self-humour... not forgetting to mention that your still life is wonderful, bleeding heart (in french Mary's heart) are such fantastic flowers.... thank you Donna, I enjoyed a lot walking along these lovely places with you...

  8. When I worked the first segment of my corporate career I had to travel to Richmond quite frequently and I always enjoyed certain thank you for sharing the fun and funky side and bringing back good memories! I absolutely adore that first image with the bleeding hearts. Just beautiful! From your captures there is no doubt that you are "all in!"

  9. So many lovely photos :) just beautiful! The bleeding heart in the pretty plate is a delight, and the chickens are adorable! You sure are *all in*, brava!


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