Thursday, April 2, 2015

Finely Crafted Frames

I'm all about quality over quantity.

When it comes to friendships, I want honesty and depth with a few special people. I have little patience for small talk and superficial connections.

When it comes to my clothing, I’d rather have a handful of well-made clothes that fit well, suit my lifestyle and make me feel beautiful than a closet full of inexpensive, uncomfortable, trendy pieces that are here today, gone tomorrow. 

You get the picture. 

And so, when it comes to printing my photographs, I am super picky. I choose only my very favorites to print, and those few receive the royal treatment. 

I love the fine art water color giclee prints from my local lab, Richmond Pro Lab, here in Virginia.  

And, I’ve never been disappointed by Artifact Uprising. Truly, every photograph printed by AU, whether a simple Thank You card, signature print, or book, is ART.  These are prints you want to hold in your hands . . . prints you want to get lost in . . . prints of rich texture and detail . . . prints that make you proud to be a photographer.  

But when it comes to framing . . . I’m always searching for a quality solution. The right frame compliments the photograph and becomes a part of the art rather than competing, distracting, or upstaging. I love the classic look of a clean white mat with a well-designed frame. 

I’ve been disappointed by the ready-made frames from my local craft store.  The glass often comes scratched, the finish chips easily, the mats are flimsy and poorly cut and proportioned, the framework flakes and leaves dust everywhere, hangers are missing or inadequate for the load. You get what you pay for. 

I recently discovered the magazine, Click, a great read for photographers.  Featured as the spotlight in the “Our Favorite Things” section, I found the SAW & MITRE FRAME CO.

Your photographs printed and framed in true museum quality craftsmanship. All our frames are handcrafted in our Virginia workshop with the highest quality American made materials and woods available.

I was hooked!  Being naturally curious, I headed over to SAW & MITRE to view the entire collection. I strolled through the website and journal.  Really, their philosophy just blew me away – commitment to quality . . .  simple, reusable frames . . . thoughtful design. 

There is a unique power in sharing a printed photograph and we desire to make frames that help to deepen your art and the way it is viewed. 

Reading the SAW & MITRE journal, I was delighted to find this post – David Duchemin Giveaway.  I’ve been a long time follower of David’s work and his Craft & Vision publications have been a phenomenal resource for my own photography. Of course, I left a comment for a chance . . . and I won!

And wait till you see the details . . . 

These quality frames, made by David Rathbone, won't depreciate aesthetically or monetarily over time. They are an investment - and worth every penny.

And my gorgeous grizzly bear print made by David Duchemin has a place of honor in our home, where we can dream of adventure and sit in awe of the grizzlies, from a safe distance!

I'm linking up with Kim Klassen today and my Friday Find is the SAW & MITRE FRAME CO. where every frame is a masterpiece.


  1. Oh how wonderful that you won this giveaway. It is a beautiful frame and workmanship and you obviously appreciate the detail. And the photograph - wow!

  2. I feel pretty much like you have said in your first paragraph, about friends, honestly, clothing and picky about my print companies. I have always felt that way or at least since I have been into photography, my need for a good printing company. I love that deep mat makes such a difference with an image and display. Looks like you have a beautiful company there in VA taking care of you. So nice to see you so happy. Have a wonderful Easter.

  3. Oh wow, congrats on winning the frame, Donna! Your print looks wonderful in it as does your whole vignette. I love your camera collection too. I'm fascinated by the way the wire is tied or wound so neatly, and that they have their name on a polaroid photo. Nice to see your lovely smiling fact too! Have a wonderful Easter!

  4. Great Friday find! congrats on winning the beautiful framed photo - what a treat!

  5. Congratulations, Donna. What a super photo, and how lovely to have it so expertly framed. I can imagine your dilemma: you take so many excellent photos that it must be really difficult deciding which ones to frame. Had I your portfolio to draw on I'd have the interior, the exterior, the garden wall and half way into town covered in lovely photos! But your philosophy about quality over quantity is very wise. There's a soul-less, throw-away attitude that prevails in so many places these days. I love your collection of old cameras: they're just what I'd have imagined you collecting. Wishing you every blessing for Easter, Bonny

  6. Congrats on winning that beautifully framed photo! I love the way you've displayed it.

  7. Your post is filled with such valuable info and links - thank you, Donna. And congrats on your win! I'm still sad that I wasn't able to meet you before I left Virginia...the time just got away from me with all we had to do in such a short time. I'm wishing you a good weekend and a Happy Easter from Florida. :)

  8. beautiful print - love your collection of cameras

  9. Congratulations Donna ! Wishing you a very happy Easter weekend xo

  10. what a terrific find - always appreciate finding a company who takes great pride in their work and produces a quality product...and congrats on being a winner - what a wonderful image....and loving your camera collection that was also in the shot!

  11. How fabulous to have won one of David's prints! I agree about the craft store framing. We have two very good frame shops here but they are quite expensive. I may just checkout the Saw and Miter.

  12. Wow! Way to go, girl! And such great resources. I've heard of AU but not checked them out. That is going to change. And I'm adding Saw & Mitre to my list.

  13. Excellent find, and your stuff is certainly worthy of these fine frames. I was wondering where and the heck you found a bear to photograph until I kept reading :) Another great find and suggestion.

  14. Wonderful post...always that! I so enjoy AU and DD too...and so wonderful that you were selected! Small, small world! Couldn't agree more about friends, clothes and finding that quality vendor! Thank you!

  15. Congratulations, Donna! What a beautiful image {and frame!}. Thanks for sharing your "reviews" as well, bookmarking info for later :)

  16. I totally agree with you Donna about quality rather than quantity... in all aspects of life and living... I also feel sad about overconsumption and waste...that's a huge question...
    I'm glad you won this frame with a beautiful image inside... the framing details you show us are the signature of a high quality crastsmanship... I can find the same quality in a local fine-arts supplies shop here but it's quite expensive and I use very rarely their services...
    Thank you for sharing your nice pictures, I'm sure it may help to consider more carefully printing and framing.


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