Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Walking Wednesday

Walking sparks creative thinking.

Sometimes I walk in nature - a park or a trail.  And sometimes I walk through thrift shops, antique malls, or salvage yards hunting for the perfect prop.  Other times, I wander through local art galleries.

Just being in these spaces heightens my attention and art is born in attention.

I could move into this artist studio and spend every day happily in a garden or meadow.

I am fascinated by the process of making art, and the tools used are works of art in themselves, combining function and form and beauty.

And even the simplest arrangement of bottles along a window sill captures light and become a still life scene, just waiting to be noticed and recorded.

On this walking Wednesday, I'm thinking on my feet. Not talking or going anywhere in particular, just soaking in the sights.


  1. Wow - what an amazing studio you walked into! I'm in awe of it. There is nothing like that close to where I live, what a treasure. You should show them the stunning photos you took - they'd probably put them in an ad or magazine. I particularly love the brushes ... but I can't pick a favourite. I love the colour- how refreshing!

  2. I agree I could just plop myself right down in that chair and soak in the light. Beautiful find and walk, love seeing what the x30 can do also. Thank you again for your help yesterday.

  3. What a great studio, Donna, so very inspiring !
    Wish I could be there too ...
    You've captured all so beautifully !
    Have a nice week,

  4. Oh, this was a fantastic walk! Thank you for taking us along. Artists' studios are always so inspiring, I think it's the heightened sense of creativity one feels in a space like that. And oh, yes! Those cobalt bottles on the window sill - a perfect still life.

  5. How lucky to be able to visit such an artist's studio so close to your home and having the permission to take pictures of it! Thank you Donna for sharing them with us. What a lovely place to get inspired and to paint with such a beautiful light!
    I loved reading your 3 recent posts about different activities every day of the week... yes we need to enjoy some tranquility in the middle of a busy life... your pictures with the lovely china vintage cup and saucer expresses so much of a peaceful and serene spirit... and I love so much your book of images, how you seem to enjoy having it in your hands, touching it, turning the pages and admiring your beautiful pictures... what a great gift you made to yourself! I love the idea of making something every monday... even a small thing... thank you for sharing the Uppercase blog, I read a few pages of it and found it very interesting... keeping it in my faves!

  6. Wonderful studio! I love those blue bottles in the window!

  7. That is a great artist studio and I always love a jar full of well used paint brushes.

  8. swoon for that art studio. Love your last photo - your style is so distinct - I can picture you squatting down to get that perspective : )

  9. You got some beautiful photos in this gorgeous studio! What wonderful light and colors

  10. oh my...died and gone to heaven if you ask me!!!


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