Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tiny Pleasures

There is some kind of sweet innocence in being human – in not having to be just happy or just sad – in the nature of being able to be both broken and whole, at the same time.  –C. JoyBell C.

It seems a good idea to end the year on a positive note, with a picture of gratitude.

All he really wanted for Christmas was a shaving kit. I suppose he wants to be grown-up like his father. Santa did not disappoint.

On Christmas morning, amidst gift opening and brunch, my nephew couldn't wait to try out his new toy. He dragged a stool into Grandma's bathroom, solicited a little help from his Mom (my sister) to get started, and, in minutes, he was grinning from ear to ear, "shaving" his sweet little face. So glad he didn't shave off those adorable freckles!

Rounding out this year with an abiding gratitude for tiny pleasures. 

Hoping for each of you that the New Year will bring the happiness that comes from appreciating what you have and taking nothing for granted.


  1. Too cute!! Thank you for sharing stories and photos.
    Happy New Years!
    Wishing joy in the New Year.
    Donna Wagner
    aka extremely fickle

  2. This really made me smile :) thank you and Happy New Year!

  3. That face! He is the cutest little guy! Love, love, love these photos!

  4. That is so cute Donna! Great pictures in b/w...looks like a scene from the 50's. Happy New Year to you and yours!

  5. Oh how cute!! What sweet photos! Happy New Year, Donna!

  6. Happy New Year to you Donna! yes...let's have plenty of happiness and gratitude in the days ahead...

  7. Thanks for reminding us of the simple pleasures of life and to enjoy them as a child. Your nephew is precious and I can see the joy in his face as he uses his new "razor"....My grandson loves "shaving" with Papa and I often think of how my son couldn't wait to shave and now wishes he didn't have to everyday. Joy and gratitude are wonderful goals for the new year. Happy New Year, Donna.

  8. How cute, totally awesome and to be able to capture the wonder of your nephew in images. I am so sure your sister thanked you so happy to have this to add to her memory book. Happy New Year Donna can't wait to see how this next year unfolds for us.

  9. Oh, my goodness! He is adorable, Donna! Thank you for sharing him!

  10. I agree with everyone else--how cute is that little boy? I love the quote and am putting in my notebook. Is it possible that young children are both broken and whole at the same time? Absolutely, much as we don't want to believe it. They become broken in ways we can't imagine and can't protect them from. But their wholeness shines through . . . and gives the rest of us hope.


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