Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thankful Thursday

I'm working on a personal goal to create a simple blog post for every day of this week. As the days grow colder and darker, it's harder for me to find photography inspiration . . . and sometimes the best strategy is simply to dig in and work.

As much as I appreciate gifts, especially art and handmade crafts, I've reached the age where I don't really need a thing. I much prefer experiences and acts of kindness over things. As the holiday season approaches and gift-giving is on the horizon, I try to recall the favorite gifts left by Santa beneath the Christmas tree. And even though I am certain I received the toys of my generation - an Easy Bake oven, the game Operation, and a Lite Brite - I think what I recall most fondly was the anticipation. The glitter and glitz of new toys wore off quickly. Perhaps I took my good fortune for granted.

As an adult, I look forward to the special foods of the holiday season. Not the cookies or fudge.  Not an eggnog latte or even a fruitcake. I love the fruits and nuts of the winter months.

citrus . . . Satsuma mandarin oranges and clementines . . .

nuts of all varieties . . . pecans, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts . . .

pears . . . seckel, forelle, and comice . . .

these are the wholesome treats of the season.

Summer tries to steal the show with its berries and melons, but winter is humble and heartfelt, offering it's gifts with comfort and joy.

I am thankful for these gifts of the season.

Wishing you gifts and gratitude, Donna


  1. Hi Donna ,
    love the last picture so much, the point of view, the deep of field and the little bit of rust, really a perfect shot!

  2. I was delightfully surprised when I saw you had another post up this morning - since I've been working the early shift at work this week, its been wonderful to start my day with a cup of coffee and one of your posts. I concur that there really isn't much I want this holiday but the experience and opportunity to share time with friends or a moment or two to appreciate nature's beauty. Your photographs capture the simple elegance of the season...

  3. Simple is good, and agree about the gifts part as we get older. Love that first one so much reminds me of Leigh Beisch's image on her website.

  4. Beautiful post...words and images!

  5. Your words are always beautiful Donna! And I love that top image with so much white!! The plate of nuts is fantastic! Enjoy your day!

  6. I'm so glad to hear you will try and post every day this month! I will try to stop by every morning with my cup of tea. :) The nut lover in me just {heart} your last photo, but I must say that the first one is perfect in every way. So elegant!

    1. Kia, Thanks so much for visiting. I so enjoy your blog! Your photos and thoughts are always uplifting but the Italian words and pronunciations are my favorite! You make learning fun, a little at a time. I'm trying to do a post every day this week, but I'd never make it a whole month! Real life keeps getting in the way!

  7. Your images are so beautiful! Dark moody tones, and then bright vibrant colours! Food is so inspirational to photograph, and then we get to eat it. What could be better?

  8. Sitting here with coffee in Bangkok and loving your post! Citrus is the one thing I'm so looking forward to during the winter in! So many wonderful memories of the holidays growing up and I so agree with you...I want experiences and the ability to give back...brava!

  9. thank you Donna for sharing your thoughts about gifts and winter season, so inspiringly written... and your beautiful and simple pictures which illustrate so perfectly your feelings... I have also different sorts of citrus and nuts at home but hadn't been inspired to shoot them... I'm still waiting for the slightest ray of light in our darkest sky to take out my camera!

  10. Love these shots!! We always got an orange and some nuts in our stockings so these are tradition I enjoy keeping at Christmas.

  11. I remember the best part of Christmas was when the Sears Wishbook came in the mail. I would lay on the floor and go through that thing cover to cover, circling with a pen and making a list on lined notebook paper everything that I wanted. I do love Grapefruit. I just can't have it too early in the morning. The acid kills my stomach.

  12. These are beautiful gifts of the season. And you're so right: with the shorter days, the photography inspiration seems to wane, too. We've had a string of grey days and I long for some great light to shoot photos. Yours sparkle and have brightened my day.

  13. Well said. I can so relate...and your images are delightful!



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