Saturday, December 27, 2014

Playground of the Potomac

My husband and I are both from a very small town on the Potomac River, Colonial Beach, Virginia. To give you some idea of the town size, we both graduated from high school classes of about 30 students. This community of watermen formed the framework of our childhoods and shaped our lives in far-reaching ways. We travel there frequently to visit both of our mothers and kinfolk.

The town is affectionately known as the playground of the Potomac, a peninsula with the Potomac River on one side and Monroe Bay on the other. And on Christmas Day, as we drove into town, we rode round the "point" of our little town, as we do on every trip. Along the river boardwalk, the seagulls lined up to play.

I couldn't resist this picture perfect opportunity for the playground on the Potomac.


  1. It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing!

  2. Fun photo and sounds like a great place to grow up.

  3. You and your hubby were certainly blessed to have grown up in such a beautiful area on the water and I can see why you would want to return often. The swing with the seagulls hovering on top is a perfect illustration. Happy New Year and I look forward to hearing lots more from you in the new year...

  4. What!!!????!!! How did you get all those seagulls to pose so perfectly for you!!!??? That's awesome!

  5. Your town sounds wonderful, living close to the water is my dream, thank you for your lovely comments on my blog today. I hope you and yours have a Happy New Year .

  6. Love this Donna! What about the duck?

    All the best in 2015


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