Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Finds {for Photographers}

Fujifilm X30 camera.  

For a long time I've wished for a smaller camera that I could carry around with me everywhere - one that would take quality pictures, with an easy to use design, small enough to fit in my handbag.

As much as I love my Canon 7D, it's heavy to lug around on my daily excursions and it's conspicuous.  If I pull out my professional-looking camera to take a picture, I am often asked questions and sometimes asked not to take pictures at all.

After reading reviews from reputable sources online and visiting my local camera shop, I settled upon the Fujifilm X30.  I'll spare you the full review and details, and just share that I LOVE this little camera. Even though this camera is compact, it handles like my "big girl camera."  I have the image quality set to fine jpeg format and the pictures are gorgeous straight out of the camera.

My husband used this sweet little camera to take a photo of me with my sisters on Thanksgiving Day. We're grateful for each other.

I used the X30 for a commercial photo project recently. I bartered with a local business - photos for props.  Azadeh Rahmani, designer and founder of the House of Milk and Honey, wanted pictures that showed the color, detail and texture of the painted furniture sold in her shop.  And I always want backdrops and props for still life photos.  A perfect match.

Clutch Hand Strap from Peak Design.  

I have a love-hate relationship with my camera strap. I love that wearing my camera on a strap around my neck makes it less likely I'll drop the whole works, breaking my camera and my budget. But, my neck and shoulders often hurt from the weight and the strap. With my dSLR, I often wrap the strap around and around my wrist, more like a bracelet than and necklace. When I'm using my camera on the tripod, the strap is always in the way. So, I'm giving the Clutch a try. So far, so good.The quick connectors are amazingly simple - so much easier than the complicated process of threading a strap through a slot!  I am reading reviews on their Slide strap and giving it consideration, too. 

An Exercise to Develop My Personal Photography Style.

There is so much to learn online from talented photographers who willingly share education and encouragement. I'm working my way through the Photography Tips offered by Christina Greve. Here's an excerpt from her assignment on developing your personal photography style.

Find 5 – only 5 pictures that you are drawn to and LOVE!
Print the 5 photos out and hang them on your wall. Study them really well and ask yourself the following questions:

1. What makes this photo interesting? 

2. What about this photo do I really like ?

3. What could be improved in this photo? 

4. How is this photo different from my own style? 

Be very specific when you ask the questions and go carefully through each photo. Write down your answers.

5. How can I use the knowledge I just got from studying these photos, to plan how I want my photographic style to develop in the future?

And speaking of generous photographers who share their knowledge and their heart, I'm linking up with Kim Klassen today. She is my favorite Friday Find - an artist, a teacher, and a friend to cherish.


  1. thank you Donna for sharing this week all the events, facts, thoughts and considerations which has filled every day of it... what a rich, full and inspired life you live! I hope you'll be happy with your new compact little camera during your walks and wanderings outside, thanks for sharing your sister-portrait, what a warm portrait of loving and cheerful sisters! I've been visiting Christina Greve's blog from time to time since its beginning, her pictures are fabulous, too...

    1. We are all so very connected - visiting many of the same blogs and learning from each other. A blessing. I thought of you yesterday as I made a purchase of small bag full of pin cushions - the tomato style - at a thrift store. They had clearly been used, stuffed full of old straight pins, safety pins, hat pins, needles and more. I cleaned them up a bit and will surely use them in an upcoming photo. As one quilter to another, you know how much we love sewing notions!

  2. Sweet new camera. Something that I always struggle with too, the lugging of the heavy camera around. I am still looking for the perfect solution. I am going to spend a good part of 2015 really evaluating my needs as a photographer and see what the best solution will be for me. I know a lot of people have the sling strap and love it. Congrats. on the commercial work, very beautiful.

    1. Sarah, I have a sling strap, too (the brand is Black Rapid) and I love that one, too - but for different reasons. The sling strap is wonderful if I'm out walking around for an hour or so, very comfortable and at the ready for picture taking. But, the clutch seems to work great when I'm taking still life pictures, portraits, or other shoot where I mostly stay in one place. I'll be looking forward to seeing how 2015 unfolds for you as a photographer and a writer. Happy weekend!

  3. Awesome camera! Awesome shots! And what a trade! All good stuff and I am so happy for you! Thank you for the exercise! I think I am still finding my style.

  4. Loved seeing this, as we have talked through e-mails this is really something I am thinking about switching to a smaller mirrorless in 2015. So good to see how awesome your images are and how the new camera handles everything. Love the trade and the images. Christina is a free class, she offered I am in right now, she is so good. Love seeing you and your sisters, just so good Donna.

  5. Super shots, Donna. Your new camera is fab. I've gone down a similar route and got a little compact handbag camera recently. I love street photography and my 'big girl' camera was breaking my back as I often have to carry my dog through London too when it's too crowded - just in case anyone walks on him. I'm up for going the distance now that I don't have so much to carry. Unfortunately the weather's been terrible for photography - much too grey and gloomy. Congratulations on your commercial work: you did a great job. Lovely photographs. All the best, Bonny

  6. love all your shots! I've discovered that I have almost no time for taking images of late . . . keep hoping to find some time soon

  7. Lovely photos. A couple of years ago, I too got tired of carrying around the big camers and my husband bought me a little Panasonic. It's great to throw the little one in my bag for a trip to the city.

  8. Cute little camera! It takes great photos too! I have been wanting to get a new little camera, my little Olympus is not cutting it anymore, although I am so glad for the memories it has captured for me. Aren't sisters great! Glad you had fun with your sisters over Thanksgiving, I enjoyed getting together with my sister also. My daughter, sister and I have so much fun together, the love and laughter fills my heart. Your commercial photos are outstanding! I am going to have to check out Christina Greve's class, it looks very worthwhile. Have a great weekend!

  9. About the clutch, do you have to remove it to use a tripod? I've been thinking about getting one because straps get in the way all the time. I usually use the Black Rapid when I need a strap because my neck doesn't hurt with it. But I prefer just holding the camera without all that strap.

    I love your detail shots.

  10. This sounds like a great little camera. I have a Canon powershot as my small camera - a really small one that I could even fit in the backpocket of my jeans. It's not super, but I love it for the moments I am without my 7D. Your pictures all look lovely - but that's what they always do. You never disappoint!

  11. I could see that I would live the extra support the Clutch would give me. And a less tired hand. Their other products look great too.

  12. Hi Donna,
    I enjoyed this little visit!


  13. Congrats on your new small camera purchase! It's obvious doing the job - well!! I have something similar to the clutch...I will never go back to any other strap!


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