Tuesday, September 30, 2014

With a Little Help from my Friends

I recall a television commercial from a few years ago.  The wife asks her husband to please help choose a paint color for their living room. The wife shuffles through a deck of paint chips, calling the colors out by name. "Sandy Beach, Sahara Desert, Linen White, Moonlit White. . ." The camera pans to the husband, eyes glazed over, as he tries to squirm out of the decision-making where all the colors basically look exactly the same. My husband and I laugh every time we think of this advertisement.

When I ask for an opinion to rate a photo in the culling process, my husband and son scurry away as though fleeing from a firing squad. And truly, I evaluate so many photographs, sometimes they all begin to look the same to me, too. I lose perspective.

This weekend I took a little photo walk to a nearby garden, hoping for inspiration. The beautiful colors of the leaves, just beginning to turn shades of fiery red and yellow and orange, caught my eye. I snapped a few frames of leaves where they had fallen atop the bottom of a metal wheelbarrow. I like the colors and the textures, the pretty blue/green background and the lines of the little twigs lying alongside. The light is subtle and soft. But the picture needs a little punch - perhaps a texture or a quote?

I added Kim's texture kk_0605 and a simple quote that seemed to match the tone and content of the photograph.  But, I had a "Sandy Beach, Sarah Desert . . . " moment.  Back and forth, trying different textures.  And don't even get me started on those fonts!  I'm sure some of you choose your fonts effortlessly, but I agonize over the font choice and combinations of fonts, the size, the color, the placement.

So, this time I'm going to ask for a little help from my friends. Here's the picture, straight out of camera (SOOC).  How would you edit this picture? Brighten? Lower saturation? Add a little texture or quote?

Of course, you have more than enough of your own work to do, but if you have a chance, save this picture and work your magic.  Drop me an email and show your work.  I'd love to see your version.

I get by with a little help from my friends.

Linking up with Kim Klassen today for Texture Tuesday.  


  1. I can find no fault with your photos today Donna - I think that both the nest and the leaf duo are stunning in their simplicity and execution - I especially like the orange of the leaves against the bluish gray background...hard to improve upon what you have done!

  2. I don't think I would have done anything different! After you removed that large gray spot and the overbright bokeh and then balanced it with the quotes, it's perfect! Thank you so much for visiting my blog, I love your work and will be following you!

  3. Exquisite edit and quote, those leaves are so colorful! And I love your next image so much!

  4. First, congratulations for being featured in Kim's today's post!
    Your today's picture is wonderful Donna! the color of the leaves against the grey background... perfect! (complementary colors)... the processing you've done on the photo (brightness, neatness..) is perfect too!
    this is Your photo, you shot it and then added your personal touch and style...

  5. Well, I could not improve on perfection of your leaf photo after you removed some of the spots and added the texture and the quote totally love this. I also think the leaf that has fallen into the nest is just wonderful also. Donna you are too hard on yourself I really admire your photography. Don't over think you do stunning work. Congrats also on your nod from Kim this week. So good.

  6. Congratulations for being featured by Kim today! I have stopped asking my family 'Which photo looks better?'. My daughter would look at me and tell me they look exactly the same, then I would go into a photography lesson on the color, texture or what have you... and then she gives me another 'look'. So I just don't ask. :) Your images are beautiful, I wouldn't change a thing. The font is perfect and I love the color - truly a fall image.

  7. I love what you did with that image, and I've always loved that quote. Perfect.

  8. Hi Donna,
    I'm so glad I found you and your wonderful blog and website. Although I love LOVE your photography, including the leaf and nest shots, I couldn't resist your challenge. Check your inbox! And congratulations on being featured in Kim's post. You are a kindred spirit!


  9. Both of your images are stunning. I could not improve on your edited version! I too struggle with textures and fonts - too many options! Congrats for being featured on TT - awesome!

  10. Congratulations for being featured in Kim's today's post! :)
    And I meant I love your "nest" photo, ops!
    Thank you for your kind visit, too.

  11. I really like how you edited the leaf - removing the spot and adding the quote was brilliant. I loved taking that little tour out to your garden and "listening" to you think ... I so adore that nest ... truly adore.

  12. Congrats on being featured in Kim's post today, Barb ! I had to smile when you said you agonize over fonts, I sometimes go though ALL of mine....! I just love the nest you found, and your edit of the leaves is perfect, the quote is one of my favorites :)

    1. Sorry Donna, my brain wasn't working !

  13. I think your work is stunning! I'm sure I wouldn't be able to improve on what you've done, but thanks for letting us play with one of your shots. I'll email you if I come up with anything fun. And congrats on being featured!

  14. Definitely congratulations on your feature at Kim's. I may snag your image and play with it but honestly, you've already created a one of a kind....yours! It's hard to go wrong using textures. Thanks for allowing us to have a play with your image!

  15. I love how you processed it. Especially like the nest photo.


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