Friday, August 1, 2014

Right Outside the Door

Some days pictures are made from the stillness and serenity of home.

Some days pictures are made from walks in downtown gardens.

Some days pictures are made from drives along country roads through Virginia's small towns and communities. 

It's not always about those big ol' grandiose trips or constantly living by the seat of my pants. There are so many places around my own home that I want to explore and some of the people I admire most are the ones that find adventure right outside their door. . .     –Chris Burkard

I'm linking up with Kim Klassen today, and my Friday Finds are the adventures right outside my door.


  1. You captured some wonderful images right outside your door. I love the color on the VW, all that rust, and the grass tickling it's fender. What great textures on the old building and shutters. I do love the quote you shared, it reminds me to open my eyes to the beauty I pass by everyday.

  2. Beautiful shots and love the richness in the editing, love the set up of the top shot.

  3. Love your finds this week! I'm always amazed at what I can find "right outside my door." I love the last shots of the antique store!!

  4. wonderful...Donna you always seem to find those hidden treasures...those moments that others walk on capture the beauty in a instant...a photographic memory...

  5. What an interesting neighborhood, and a great post. Love the photos, especially the antiques.

  6. Wonderful photos as always Donna ! I love them all :)

  7. I love the rust on the old car.. Lovely quote and so true. I have problems commenting on blogger always.

    I ve moved.. Second try for a comment here. Hope your well.


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