Sunday, August 10, 2014


I attended the wedding of a lovely young couple this weekend.  The bride's mother is one of my best friends and her father was the pastor of our church for several years, and I love this family.

They hired a talented and trusted professional wedding photographer.  I watched with awe as she worked her way through the evening, documenting the event with creativity and care. While I greatly admire wedding photographers, I have absolutely no desire to become one.  Too much pressure for me.

Still, I couldn't resist a few glimpses through the lens . . . with no flash and only my trusty f/1.8 prime lens,  I pressed the shutter and breathed deeply. . . trying to freeze the moment when love is a simple embrace.

the path lined with hydrangeas . . .

father and daughter . . .

 promises and vows . . .

 and the intimacy shared by husband and wife . . .

Congratulations and best wishes for a life of love and friendship and laughter.


  1. how lovely...and it looked like it was a low key affair - all the captured it perfectly!

  2. Beautiful work! Loved your 8/1 post as well. I am proud to call you friend! xo C

  3. Lovely captures!


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