Friday, February 21, 2014

Five Friday Finds for Picture-makers

1 perfect class. I've registered for an online workshop, Pitch Perfect, with Christine Chitnis, offered by Squam.  You can see Christine's most recent work in Somerset Life, Winter 2014. Led by founder and director, Elizabeth Duvivier, Squam promotes creativity as a way of life. This is a how to PITCH your idea class.  I've been hard at work on a photo essay, and I'd like to try my hand at getting it published.  This four-week class provides instruction on how to craft the perfect query letter to stand out from the crowd.  The class begins in May and I want some friends to join in with me.

Pitch Perfect :: with Christine Chitnis from Squam on Vimeo.

2 people in a couple.  I recently discovered the White on Rice Couple blog with stories of food, travel, life and photography by Todd Porter and Diane Cu and their new cookbook, Bountiful.   Bountiful brings together all the most essential elements of a cookbook you will turn to time and time again. The cookbook tells the story of Todd and Diane in the context of their community. 
To be able to make things with our own hands is satisfying, but to be able to share it with others is the ultimate joy and privilege.
Beautifully photographed and chock full of recipes that are healthful and easy to prepare, this book makes cooking and eating fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables a habit worth cultivating.  The recipes are inspired by the homegrown and wholesome foods of the couple's garden.  So far, my favorite recipe is the Tender Roasted Green Beans with Walnut and Feta.  Green beans never tasted so good.

Bountiful cookbook on baking sheet with fruit and veggies

3 snow storms in one week.  Virginia’s winter has been cold and snowy.  On the first warm day, just ahead of spring, I bolted out of the house, seeking sunlight and color. I found this barn, weathered and gray, with an unexpected adornment.  On the canvas of the wooden doors, standing out from the snowy background, I discovered a mural of two colorful cows.  Wow.

Barn with Cow Mural

4 measures for fitness.  Count steps, count calories, count distance, or count time with Fitbit Zip.  If sitting is the new smoking, I guess I’d better keep moving. Photography requires hiking, climbing, squatting, lifting, twisting, tucking, stretching, holding, carrying, spinning and twirling.   Using my Fitbit Zip is one tool that promotes my healthstyle.

5 ways to show (off) your work.

Cluster Art, your story, your style
Bagettes. Custom Photo Bags
Prints on Wood
Prints on Bamboo

Creative Photo Displays from Courtney Slazinik of Click It Up A Notch
 and my own display of Lily of the Valley using a vintage pants hanger.

photo display with pants hanger

I'm linking up with Kim Klassen today with my 5 Friday Finds worth checking out.


  1. Hi Donna-- what a fabulous post-- so honored to be included in your round-up! and I LOVE that photo of the barn with the cows .. what a find! xoxo, e

  2. I have never visited your blog before, but I know I'll be back! There's a wealth of Friday Finds here! Love your photographic eye- beautiful photos here (I was intrigued right away by the photos in your header- great work!).

  3. Your photographs are beautiful! I love the textures and color on the barn The photo display ideas are wonderful. Although I am sad to learn my pant hangers are vintage. I really am not that old, or at least I didn't think so... I plan on checking out the cookbook. It sounds good and I love looking at the pictures in cookbooks.

    1. Michelle, Your comment gave me a chuckle. I'm not that old either - at least not in spirit. The hanger has the manufacturer printed on it along with a "made in the USA" inscription - a little vintage vibe.
      The pictures in the cookbook will make you fall in love with food - all over again.

  4. Coming from Kim Klassen Friday finds - clever ideas -- beautiful shot and stunning was to show case them -- thanks for the ideas.


  5. I'm so glad you visited my blog because now I've found you and will be following you! You have such a gift of words and photography! I love the barn, what an awesome find! Thanks for all the links, I'll be visiting some of them!

  6. Hi Cathy, It's such a pleasure to make a new friend. I am so grateful for the encouragement and inspiration of friends like you.

  7. those are great finds, for sure!

    totally enjoyed your photos.
    happy wednesday~


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