Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas, Candids, and Kinfolk

I honestly have no idea how photographers capture those gorgeous lifestyle pictures of friends and family for holidays and special occasions. When I bring out my camera, either they all scatter like bugs when the kitchen light goes on or they launch into song and dance, putting on an act worthy of a TV reality show. So I gave up and just snapped away. These are my people. They make Christmas merry.


  1. Oh, but these are way better than those "gorgeous" and I suspect not-so-candid Kinfolk type shots. This is a real family, pillows strewn about, dancing, shoes stribbled all over, hairstyles being shown off, people talking and not paying the least bit of attention to you . . . yeah, that's real. And memorable.

  2. You never fail to make me feel like something special. Can I take you with me everywhere?

    The way you see the extraordinary significance in the seemingly insignificant is your rare talent. And I'm soaking it up by traveling in your circle of influence. So grateful.


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