Sunday, August 18, 2013

Summer Travels - Urban Views

My son will soon possess the much coveted driver's license.  But, in the meantime, my husband and I take turns as chauffeur. We drive him here and there. And, while some might complain about this job, we love it.  During those miles on the road, we share stories, talk over our plans and hopes and dreams, work out problems, and enjoy the comfortable silence of companionship. And wherever my son needs to go, I take along my camera - searching, seeing, and recording.

While our son attended the News Literacy Project Summer Workshop for young journalists sponsored by the Washington Post, we strolled along the streets of downtown Washington, DC.  On a Saturday morning in summer, the streets were quiet and calm. We visited a bookstore and a cafe, sat in the Park and listened to a banjo player, and watched the city awaken and come to life.

metro map 

paper box 


Washington Post Building 

Turquoise Schwinn bike 

men crossing the street 

black squirrel in Dupont Square 


Washington Post on table 

window washers

Our son emerged from the workshop, smiling and exuberant. You know those wonderful times when enthusiasm and passion and joy just spill over?  This was one of those times. For just a few more months, my son's wheels will be of the bicycle variety.  But, no matter, this kid is destined for a life of travel and adventure, and I know the stories and the words will keep rolling along. 

bicycle wheel

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  1. I would trade my driver's license for that turquoise Schwinn, only I'd have a wicker basket for books and flowers and cookies. Loved the black squirrel!


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