Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Travels - Richmond Road Trip

For many years, the perfect date was a dinner and a movie.  These days, even when we have the time and the money to take in a movie, we can seldom find one worth watching.
But, recently, my son discovered a cool movie theater, Criterion Cinemas, Richmond's new home for art, independent, and documentary films.  His 16th birthday this past spring fell on a school day filled with tests and projects, stress and worry. Celebration did not come easily.  We agreed on a 16th birthday do-over, and his request was a road trip to Richmond to the Criterion Cinemas to see a remake of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing. Sitting in the cool dark theater, relaxing in rocking leather seats, munching on popcorn and soda, and laughing at the hilarious scenes of true love's making - a memorable 16th birthday celebration.  We sauntered along the downtown streets, stopping to browse the thrift stores, enjoing a nice lunch.

The best times are those we spend together, just being ourselves, nothing fancy.

Criterion Cinema

Much Ado About Nothing

Backseat dog

MovieLand against the summer sky

Thrift sign

Book Thrift Shop

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