Monday, July 8, 2013

Ode to Ice Cream

On a recent trip to Northern Virginia to check out the camera equipment at PhotoCraft, Interstate 95 was backed up for miles and miles.  Searching for an alternate route home, we pulled the map from the glove compartment.  We decided on taking Route 66 to Route 29 with the plan to head home by way of Culpeper.  Our traffic detour took us on an unexpected adventure making for the perfect summer day. Along this scenic drive, we stopped at a Buckland Farm Market for fresh cherries and cantaloupe and homemade blueberry bread. 

Zipping along the highway, I noticed a bright red barn with a line of people outside. A couple of U-turns later, we were standing in line, too. 

Waiting for ice cream at Moo Thru, real ice cream from real dairy farmers.  I chose Blackberry and my husband went for Key Lime Pie. 

Moo Thru

Moo Thru Cow

two cups of ice cream

The pleasures of summer are many, but one of the best is ice cream.  Whether in a cup or a cone, atop a waffle or in a banana split or a sundae, ice cream is always a treat. Ice cream comes with memories. 

Chasing the ice cream truck down the block for a Strawberry Shortcake ice cream on a stick or a Nutty Buddy

Waiting for my chance to turn the hand crank to make homemade ice cream

The many times I had to buy replacement cones for those dropped by my children (oh, the tears that come with a scoop of ice cream that lands on the sidewalk)

Fridays in grade school when we could buy Dolley Madison ice cream for 15 cents

Standing in line for frozen custard from Fredericksburg’s very own, Carl’s

July is National Ice Cream Month as designated by President Ronald Reagan in 1984. In the midst of working toward world peace and stabilizing our economy, making a declaration in favor of ice cream was surely sweet and simple (unless of course, he had to choose a favorite flavor). 

Celebrate this month with your favorite scoop. 

These sweet roses come in ice cream colors of orange, lemon, and strawberry, with soft and swirly petals.  Just like ice cream, they are the sweets of summer.

ice cream scoop with flowers

two cones of flowers

sinlge cone with roses

ice cream and roses on parchments paper

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