Saturday, June 29, 2013

Travel Love

We do not have the opportunity to travel often, but we did manage a short trip to New York this month.  Last year we made our first trip to the Big Apple and had a blast taking in the tourist attractions. But the purpose of this summer’s trip was college tours. Our youngest son is a junior in high school. He is bright and funny and motivated and has his sights set on being a writer. We toured Vassar College in Poughkeepsie and NYU with the beautiful Washington Square in Greenwich Village.

These next few years will be bittersweet for me as I prepare to send my youngest son off to college.  And so, every moment seems photo worthy.  It’s almost a reflex . . . to want to take pictures so that I can remember every aspect of this life with him still at home. But, no teenager wants a camera stuck in his face at every moment.

I don’t want to run around looking for pictures, constantly rating what I see.  Would this make a pretty picture?  It’s as if I don’t dare lose one single moment of this life, which is exactly how those moments do lose value. If I am not careful, capturing a memory could become more important that having the actual experience.

For this trip, I carried only my small “back-up” camera, the Canon g10. Treading lightly, I immersed myself in the surroundings of train stations, city sidewalks, museums and parks.  I surrendered to the journey without registering or documenting.  Well, mostly . . .

Wonderful views from the train station here at home.  From the elevated tracks, I see the familiar Purina Tower and the colorful old warehouse with the warning, "Tow Zone."

Fredericksburg Train Station

old warehouse

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) . . .


The fruit stands that park along New York’s busiest sidewalks . . .

NY fruit stand

The very mini golf course in Bryant Park . . .

mini golf at Bryant Park

The beautiful mural of the Hudson Valley at the Poughkeepsie train station . . .

train station mural

The sentimental train station, where goodbyes mingle with welcomes . . .

Poughkeepsie train station

A sweet moment where saying goodbye goes on for a good long while . . . don't we all want to be loved like this?

Yes, this is my job, to watch the gap.

I will watch the gap as my son crosses the bridge to adulthood. Whether the journey is accomplished with ease or struggle, I will stand just behind him and cheer. 

watch the gap

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