Friday, June 21, 2013

Little Luxuries

Like most everyone these days, our family budget is tight. Fortunately, we have never lived a very extravagant lifestyle. You don’t miss what you’ve never had.

I prefer experiences over things, shabby over chic, old over new, quality over quantity, and handmade hands down. If I am going to spend money, I want it to be well-spent.

A workhorse sewing machine from Goodwill.

A perfect Chai tea latte with a slice of homemade orange cranberry bread from Hyperion Espresso.

Fresh vegetables from the local Farmer’s Market.

A leather bound journal made by a young artist.

Little luxuries go a long way toward easing these times when there is little money left over for extras. 

I recently splurged on a purchase from Rough Linen, the company of Tricia Rose. I ordered a simple pillow slip made from smooth linen fabric. The design of the pillow case is unique with a deep tuck to hold the pillow insert securely inside so it doesn’t show.

me with linen pillow slip

As a quilter, crafter, and seamstress, I am drawn to fabric, but not so much for the pattern, or even the color.  What pulls me in is the feel, the texture, the drape of the fabric. The more natural and organic the better.

pillow with lavender

pillow on my bed

My new pillow slip brought sweet dreams to my sleep. I scented mine with fresh lavender. I am carrying my luxurious pillow with me all about the house. I propped up my feet to read and rested my head for a nap. And, when I ventured outside on a gorgeous almost summer day, I lay on a quilt with my head on the linen pillow cover and looked up at the sunlit sky. My heart is grateful.

reading with feet propped on pillow

sunlit sky

Linen is a lesson in life for me. For years, I shied away from this seemingly troublesome fabric. I would iron and spray starch and try to force this fabric to behave properly. Within seconds after ironing, linen will go all wrinkly and wavy again. Finally, I came to accept the nature of linen and appreciate its beauty. I stopped fighting its natural properties and embraced this enduring fabric.

Learning to love linen is not unlike learning to love myself. I cannot iron or starch myself into a proper shape with perfect hair and faultless ways.

I am perfectly imperfect. I hope you find a little luxury in your life.

I’m linking up with Kim Klassen today. My Friday Find is this consciously crafted simple linen pillow slip from Tricia Rose of Rough Linen.

kim klaxon dot com


  1. Well, your pillow is beautiful, but your words, more so. I totally enjoyed reading your post, you wrote lovely words to live by.

  2. oh Donna...... this post is so special......
    perfectly imperfect what I love most in both people and things....

    thank you for this..... so much.

    i adore your Friday Find...... thank you for linking up.


  3. and the thing is that it gets better and smoother the older it gets...
    sigh, not the same for our faces :-(

    1. I wonder if I may show you the fine linen table cloth I embroidered years ago, when my eyesight was still brilliant?
      It was in-the-thread-dyed-linen, soft pink and I filled a square foot in the centre with tiny cross stitches, over two threads weft and warp. I would love to have an excuse to get it out of its box and take a picture.

      For more of your wonderful pillow cases you could probably buy that fabric by the yard and sew them yourself. I believe that extra flap turn-over tuck in, is called a housewife pillow, as opposed to the Oxford atyle.

      Loved your post and it set me thinking about fabric again. My weakness is cashmere...and I reckon my husband would wish it were linen instead :-)

  4. Love this Friday Find. Your words are beautiful - I found my self nodding along - and I know exactly what you mean about linen. I love linen but have spent a lot of time trying to change it so it's 'perfect' when actually its beauty is in its imperfection - so true of so many things. Lovely to find your blog. Happy weekend. :)

  5. So nice to have such a friendly group to chat and share with. I'm trying to get to each of your blogs to soak up inspiration and spread encouragement.

    Kim, In the midst of the struggles of your life, you still manage to take the time to make me feel like a million bucks. Every picture you make is textured with compassion because that is how you see the world. What a gift!

    My dear girl friday, I would absolutely love to see the linen tablecloth you embroidered. If your hands made it, I will adore it. Oh, I love cashmere, too. Perhaps we should consider a joint blog post about our mutual cashmere love for the future? Thank you for the sewing suggestion. I know I can manage the sewing, but to find the nice quality linen . . . still looking.

    Becs, I stopped by your new Etsy shop, and your prints are stunning. Not only are the photos well-crafted, but they are edited with creativity and care. I'm putting your shop on my "wish list."

    Kindest to my new friends, Donna

  6. hi Donna, your friday find is so lovely. I can just feel the soft organic texture of your pillow...beautiful...

  7. When I was young I had a lovely summer dress made out of Linen...loved it, but you are right about the wrinkling. Lately, I've found some really pretty linen scarfs at local thrift places, and some that were hand embroidered, which made them extra special. I posted them on my Peabea's Patch site. Love your description of your pillow.

    Stopping by from Friday Finds
    Peabea (Peabea's Patch)

  8. I love your Friday find...I to, love linen and I don't mind that it wrinkles because it's purpose for me is comfort...what a beautiful post, especially your video...thank you for your honest, down home attitude about what you like...we all need to be more mindful of our treasures and likes and dislikes.
    Have a beautiful weekend.

  9. Love your little luxuries ... what a great pillow slip, scented with lavender,
    my favorite !
    Have a nice weekend,

  10. So beautiful...and I LOVE the comp of you on the couch....well....and the lavender....swoon!!!

  11. Great list of little luxuries, and wonderful photos. I love the uniqueness of your profile picture.

  12. What a FEEL good post...with a life lesson...I'm definitely linen! I'm also a fabric-aholic and like you, love the way fabrics FEEL. Too much sizing and I pass it by. I do needlework on linen. Some linen for under my head or under my feet? I might have to steal your find!


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