Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Some Kind of Photographer

Invariably, when I tell folks that I am a photographer, they ask, “What kind of photographer are you?”   For a while, I tried a cheeky, little answer.  “A good one, of course!” 

I hem and haw.  They persist.   “Well, what kind of pictures do you take?”  Hmm . . . how to answer that query.  It feels hoity-toity for me to say "fine art." I finally settled on the simple answer, “A little of this and a little of that.”  

I am the kind of photographer who takes pictures every day of the pieces and places and people of every day
 . . . hopefully with caring and kindness.

Thanks to Kim Klassen for the texture, Grey Day, used to enhance this collage. Welcome to Texture Tuesday with the theme – Black and White with a touch of color.

These pictures all speak to me.  It’s never too late to learn . . . to have fun.  Create with color, ride a bike, cook on the grill, walk barefooted in the grass.  Be the best kind of you, you can possibly be.

A little black and white collage


  1. Fabulous Donna, never old to enjoy things that We Love, Lovely Lovely

  2. You are never too old . . . to learn new things, to see things differently! I LOVE this collage. When I first saw a photograph in black and white with a hint of color, I nearly fell over. The very first picture I took with my Canon S95 does that (but it picks the color). I love this technique and am glad you reminded me of it.

    As for that question, people ask me what kind of books I write and I answer books for children, but then they want that defined and so I say, "Everything genre" which leads to the next question, "What have you written that I've read." Some questions can't be answered.

  3. I love the feet and the sidewalk chalk. Nice.


  4. Thanks for stopping by. Earl, I'd love to see some of your photos, too. Send me a link and I'll return the visit.

    Candice, I love that you are like me. When we love something or someone, we REALLY show it. Only a true picture lover would swoon over a soft and almost totally desaturated image. Keep the books coming, Writer Girl!


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