Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pink for Any Time of Day

This week's prompts for the Nurture/Photography Challenge are Pink/Home.

There is the comforting pink of pajamas at dawn . . .

morning in pajamas

 . . . the vibrant pink of bleeding hearts in the spring garden outside my front door . . . in the early morning

bleeding hearts

. . . the soothing pink of roses that adorn the vintage tea cup filled with chai tea  . . . in the quiet afternoon

tea in vintage cup

. . . and the reflective pink of the sky at dusk . . . when the day is almost done

moon on pink sky

There is a pink for every time of day here at home.


  1. Love all of these...especially the last one...sooo pretty!

  2. Bleeding Hearts are my favorite! I just discovered them in my own yard. Lovely captures of pink.

  3. That sunset . . . gorgeous! Is that you in those pjs? I love that pink wall behind you (if that's you) and the wallpaper. I want to paint my bedroom pink!

  4. Yes, that's me in the pj picture. My sweet husband has been very tolerant of our pink bedroom for 27 years. It's the most soothing room in the house.


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