Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ivory/Dream [Nuture Photography]

In my heart of hearts I will always be a nature girl.

I never seem to pull off the Southern Lady gardener outfit with floral frock, graceful wide-brimmed sun hat, and gardening clogs. My gardening is called "yard work," and my outfit usually consists of holey jeans, an old t-shirt, a floppy hat, dirty sneakers, and lots of sunscreen. I do not glow; I sweat. The picture is not pretty.

My gardening tools are not organized in a color-coordinated carry-all.  They are tossed helter-skelter into the plastic carrier that used to hold cleaning supplies. (The cleaning supplies have been reduced to an old rag, soapy water, and a bucket).  My tools are a hodge-podge of yard sale and thrift store finds, a little rusty, but still capable of doing the job.  On occasion I have been guilty of using an old spoon in place of a trowel. In case you are wondering, this is not very effective. 

I am distracted by every bud, leaf, flower, and bug that calls to have a picture made.  It takes a very long time to mow the lawn or clean out a flower bed, if you stop every 10 minutes to take a picture. Our yard will likely never be worthy of a Country Living picture and it has no “curb appeal.” 

But, if you stroll through our yard and gently ease into our neighbor’s garden, you will find a lush bed of Lily of the Valley.  Wallowing in the Lily of the Valley beneath oaks shading the morning sun, soaking up the intoxicating scent, and dreaming ivory, make for a perfect spring day. 

Lily of the Valley in Ball Jar

Lily of the Valley in the Garden

Lily of the Valley in green vase

Nurture Photography is a seasonal photo challenge series that encourages participants to capture beautiful images through tips and tutorials, inspiring weekly prompts and personal feedback - all designed to nurture one's creative vision and technical know-how.



  1. Lily of the valley--my favorite scent ever! I used to buy Muguet de Bois in Drug Fair. Anybody who grows lily of the valley is lucky indeed. I never can get bulbs in the ground. By the time fall comes I'm so sick of the heat and the yard, it's over for me.

    My garden outfit is like yours and I only have a trowel and a fork. I use my hands a lot. I don't stop or enjoy until it's over--I just want it done! But I'm like you when I dust my library. I pause to pull out this book and that and read a little and it takes me two days sometimes to dust one bookcase.

    Gorgeous pictures--so glad you are in Nuture!

  2. Hmm. . . you have once again given me inspiration. I think I'd like to do a series of pictures, a photo essay, on all things book related. Book stores, book lovers, reading, book shelves, book covers, words, fonts, typewriters, cozy chairs, and more.

    Your yard is gorgeous. When the pollen settles, let's sit on the porch swing, drink tea (I need mine sweet), and talk up a storm.

  3. Love these pictures, they are very vibrant. I couldn't agree more about looking good during "gardening" it's definitely yard work for me too. I often get covered in bugs and dirt, sometimes I even rip a new hole in my pants but I wouldn't have it any other way.

  4. These are such lovely photos! I don't glow either. I sweat! lol

    Thanks for sharing with us in the Nurture Photography Challenge. I can't wait to see what you come up with for our next theme: Pink/Home.

  5. Your story had me smiling. I can certainly relate. But these turned out beautiful! Such creative compositions! Love the first one with the jar. Thanks so much for joining our Nurture Photography Challenge!

  6. Thank you for sponsoring the Nurture Photography Challenge. I am learning so much and soaking up the inspiration of so many talented and kind photographers!


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