Wednesday, May 1, 2013

At Home in the Shade

We live beneath a canopy of old oak trees.  The trees shade our home keeping us cool on even the most sweltering of summer days. We awake every day to birds chirping, squirrels scurrying, and lush green leaves gently dancing against the sky.  But there is a price to be paid for these gorgeous oaks.  In the autumn, acorns fall from the sky like raindrops and leaf raking is really never done and over. In the summer, the trees soak up the moisture from the ground preventing grass from growing but welcoming weeds like best friends. We look for shade tolerant perennials for our garden paths.  Hostas and Coral Bells are some of our favorites.  They return year after year, adding color and texture and flowers, asking for little other than a few showers.

With my camera, I continue to practice close-up views,
                                              looking for and seeing different angles
                                                                                        and textures and lines. 

hostas and coral bells

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  1. I have one pitiful hosta thrown in the corner between the heat pumps and the deck. I call it an August lily because it blooms in late summer and gets pretty big. One grew under my bedroom window when I was a kid.

    But after looking at your pictures, I'm thinking about planting more hostas in our shady back yard that has little grass, too. And coral bells! Just the name is enough to send me to the garden center! The humble hosta takes first prize in your photographs.


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