Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Lessons from Spring

Restless for spring, I couldn't seem to "see" a photograph anywhere.

When the well is dry, I soak up inspiration from books and magazines, artful blogs, and friends. And local museums, too.

Our family Spring Break included an artist's date to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond.  It's free and fun and fabulous.   And suddenly the blooming Forsythia in the yard pops with color and texture and gentle lines - and I can see the picture calling to be created.   Focus, compose, press the shutter.  Repeat.

VMFA Collage


  1. My well is dry, too. I'm trying journaling (when I figure out which one to use). I have a hundred places to photograph but no time to get there (too many chores). I love the yellows in this collage (that Pantone wall!) and Jacob at the blackboard.

  2. Candice, Thanks for always encouraging me. After a lifetime of neutrals and soft, faded looks, I think I'm ready to go bold - at least in colors. Maybe you'll ditch some of those chores and let me take you on a road trip to some of the photography locales you have in mind. I'll help you with the buttons and dials on the fancy camera and you can help me see the beauty in old houses, old roads, and old chicks.


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