Monday, April 22, 2013

Elegant Curves

For my birthday, my sweet husband, presented me with a new lens for my Canon 7D, the Canon EF 100mm f2/8 Macro USM.  I've been practicing on tulips, with their elegant curves.  Turns out macro phototgraphy requires patience, careful attention to cameral settings, and a tripod.  In these close-up shots, the depth of field is so minimal that maintaing focus is a challenge.  I took these pictures outside, using my neighbor's plush green lawn as a backdrop (my own lawn is more the color of pale yellow weeds).  Every subtle breeze produced motion blur which did kind of give a painterly effect and yet no precise point of focus.  I tried the Live View feature, the tripod, hand holding, and varying f stops, ISO's and shutter speeds.  With every composition, I struggled to find focus again.  But the practice was not frustrating.  Being so totally absorbed in a task and thinking, "just one more shot; I'll get it this time," was the perfect way to spend an afternoon. 

There is material enough in a single flower for the ornament of a score of cathedrals. 
-- John Ruskin

Tulip Macro Collage

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  1. This is a gorgeous study . . . how often do we look at the stem of the tulip? They remind me of onions and I jam as many tulips in the vase as I can so the stems barely show. But they are like the necks of ballerinas . . .

    And so much for me buying a macro lens for my poor neglected Nikon. I don't even have a tripod!


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