Thursday, January 24, 2013

Things I Love

I distinctly remember the first time I picked up the book, A Year of Mornings, by Maria Alexandra Vettese and Stephanie Congdon Barnes. The way the book felt in my hands, the bumpy white mid-section fashioned after an old-fashioned paper towel, foretold of treasures within.  I fell in love with their work.

book cover

The photographers are Stephanie and Mav.  They live 3191 miles apart (one in Portland, Maine and one in Portland, Oregon).  They like to get up early.  This collection of 236 pictures, always taken before noon without discussion between the two women, celebrates friendship and moments of serenity, solitude, and peacefulness.



Full of promise for each new day.
These artists capture the rhythm of everyday life.  Their simplicity is inspiring.

I love their work so much that I am desperate for more.

I am taking the pictures I want to see.  Trying to break the grip of fixed ways of seeing and photographing.  Accepting the challenge of expression.

Things I Love Collage


  1. You told me about A Year of Mornings, which I went through. They've done a Year of Sundays and that Evening book, too. I've developed an appreciation for photos of simple objects (though I'm partial to the one blogger's cat photos).

    But mostly that appreciation come from your mosaics, carefully selected for color and texture, balanced and beautiful. We all want to see more of what you want to see.

  2. I just ordered one of the quarterly collections from these two talented artists.

    The little boy in this collage . . . that's my husband. He reminds me of Dennis the Menace, all sweet smiles on the outside, and loads of well-intentioned trouble not far behind!


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