Sunday, December 23, 2012

Downtown Christmas

Waiting for Santa this year, I feel like a little kid.  For the last two days, my teenage son has come up with every possible reason to open our gifts early.  And with each plea, my resolve has weakened.  He almost talked me into opening “just one” present today.  My sweet husband has been the gift police, threatening to make us wait until after Christmas if we break our holiday tradition of sharing gifts on Christmas Eve.

To help the time pass, sweet husband offered to take me for a ride to admire the decorations of the homes in our beautiful downtown area.  I wanted to take an iconic Christmas picture featuring the inflatable figures so popular this season.  And I knew just where to go . . . the Ground Keepers of Olde Towne Fredericksburg.  Searching for the picture, I tried different views and angles. 

The 3 cats of the nursery purred and rubbed along my leg as I snapped away.  I stood up to stretch.  Phew!  What was that smell?  I stepped in cat poop!  Sweet husband helped me try to clean my shoe with a stick and some old wipes (which only served to remind me even more of poop – baby poop).  We cleaned the shoe as best we could, but it still smelled to high heaven.  We tossed the shoe in the very back of the van.

Christmas Inflatables 
As we drove slowly through the streets of downtown, I oohed and awed at the decorations and lights, making sweet husband stop at every other house so I could take pictures.  I hobbled along, one shoe on and one sock foot, happily clicking away. 

Christmas Decorations collage

Seems I already have my Christmas gift, at least the one that matters most, a loving husband who gives me my Christmas a little at a time, all through the year.  And my son still thinks we should open at least one present tonight!

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  1. I know that place--I call it the Blow-up Christmas Kingdom! How funny we were both out, both having adventures, chased by dogs, stepping in cat doody, just to get our favorite photos.

    I loved the jumbled front porch, the last photo, the best. And we're opening our gifts tonight, too. But it would have been okay if y'all cheated--my sister and I used to do it, open a present and then re-tape it.


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