Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Month in the Country

My heart is truly in the country. One of my favorite pleasures is curling up to read the latest issue of UK Country Living.  This magazine features gorgeous photographs, colorful tales, handmade style, vintage treasures, creative design ideas, and real people.  Unlike its American counterpart, Britain’s Country Living depicts artists and farmers and people of all walks of life full of character and texture and context.  Sadly, the American version is full of advertisements, skimpy stories, and people so perfect they look like wax figures.

One of my favorite features of Country Living, "A Month in the Country", describes 30 days- worth of things to make, places to go, ideas to try, lessons to learn and simple pleasures to enjoy.

In pursuit of the good life, here are my suggestions for December in the country.

What to do . . .

Take a bike ride along the new Rappahannock Heritage Trail in downtown Fredericksburg.

Donna and bike

Where to go . . . 

Make a visit to Culpeper to Cedar Mountain Battlefield owned by the Civil War Trust.  Travel the back roads through the countryside for scenes of the simple life.

  Culpeper House
Side by Side Collage

Stroll along Caroline Street in downtown Fredericksburg to window shop.  Don’t miss Whittingham’s window display for elves at work.

Whittingham's Kitchen window display

Ideas to try . . .

Fill your home with cheer and festive decorations.  Give a favorite ornament a special place beneath a glass cloche.

ornament under cloche

Things to make . . .

Handmade pom-poms adorn a simple pillow to make a cozy corner for reading or napping.

pom pom pillow on couch

Simple pleasures to enjoy . . .

Don't limit your winter fruits to bananas, apples, and oranges. Next time you're at the market, pick up a few persimmons.  The sweet, mild-flavored fruits, which originate from Asia, are in season between November and February.


Savor simple fare. A steaming coffee in a hand-painted mug with sugar and cream and cinnamon.  And nothing at all that must be done.

mug of coffee by the window

Spend the month of December with your heart in the country.  'Tis the season to be jolly.


  1. Lovely, as always. Especially like your confident self after a bike ride, the pom poms you just made, that *church*, the glider--all of it. And, since we are "same, same, different," your post points up how my post is the exact opposite--Donna-glass-always-brim-full, Candice-doesn't-even-have-a-glass. Thank heaven I have you to give me the glass and pour water in it!

  2. And thank heaven I have you to keep me grounded and real!


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