Monday, November 19, 2012

To Market, To Market

Seems everywhere I go, I have my hands full.  I’m carrying the books that need to be returned to the library,  a bottle of water, an apple and a banana, a notebook for ideas and other assorted lists, coupons for fabric and craft supplies, and on any given day my running shoes and a cap, or sometimes my sewing kit.  If I don’t put the needs for the day in a tote bag of some sort, I always forget at least one thing, and sometimes everything.  In this capacity, my tote bag is my brief case.

As the seasons allow, I bring my empty tote bag to the local Farmer’s Market.  Strolling along rows of fresh and vibrant produce and home baked goods, I load my bag with vegetables, fresh flowers, and zucchini bread.  Now my bag is a French Market Tote. I keep hoping for trip to a Paris flea market, where my bag would surely be overflowing.

Such a functional bag could be as simple as a plastic bag from the grocery store.  But, why go plain when you can go fancy?  Like miniature patchwork quilts, with a modern twist, my handmade totes are both pretty and practical.  Using leftover scraps and the pattern from French General, Art of Craft, I sew these chic totes. I modified the pattern by using webbing for the handles rather than fabric to make the bag a little sturdier.

My favorite part of sewing is creating a color story with the fabric.  I often use vintage fabric and buttons. I add a little embellishment by way of a vintage bloom pin, pattern courtesy of With Fabric & Thread, by Joanna Figueroa.

Every day is a creative day.  I’m off to the market . . .

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