Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A thing of beauty

My friend and writer, Candice Ransom, posted a blog entry,” Fully this day . . . “

Candice always inspires me.  She’s trying to get in more hours of work, or at least, work more efficiently. She’s block scheduling her time for work, and just as importantly, scheduling some time out of her chair and away from her computer.

I am by nature a scheduler.  I like to accomplish, produce, and work.

All these years I believed that I thrived on my schedule.  I felt good when the day’s work yielded results and bad when I ran around in circles accomplishing nothing at all. 

Only in these last months, as I rested and retreated, have I discovered just how important doing nothing is to my creativity.  Turns out that ideas and passion can flourish in the midst of a quiet walk, lunch with my husband, or between the pages of a good book.

My camera sits by my side all day long. Life’s images call for pictures to be made.  My work is simply to live fully this day and to elevate the everyday to a thing of beauty. 

How great is that? 


  1. I love your picture of the pumpkin with the berries, and I love you, too. Your DH, dear husband.

  2. The Lunch Hour coffee mug looks nice!


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