Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What's all the hoopla?

Summer is coming. It's almost here. Time to play.

I'm feeling nostalgic for the summer days of my childhood. 

Riding my purple sting ray bicycle with the cool banana seat . . . playing hopscotch and jump rope . . .

Clapping songs, Three, six, nine. The goose drank wine . . . Hide 'n Seek and Tag . . .

Mother May I ? and Red light/Green light . . .

and hula hoops

The shake and rattle of the beads in the hoop, the roll of hips for the swivel round and round . . .
a little shake, rattle and roll . . . groovin' to a jazzy tune.

Sometimes summer is lazy where days pass seamlessly one into another. 
No dates to watch; no appointments to make.

Time to read a good book. A nap in the hammock under the sheltering oaks of the backyard.

A picnic by the water.

But, I'm looking forward to "boisterous jovial commotion or excitement." 

Horray for hoopla!

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  1. I'm with you! A little hoopla for us all! (the good kind). Love those girls in their twirly skirts, hooping those hoops!


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