Sunday, April 29, 2012

Off the Grid

Work, work, work . . . I love work.  The sweet feeling of falling deeply into a project, the challenge of learning, the sense of accomplishment all make work rewarding.  But work can be addictive.  I work first and then play, and, as a result, sometimes I forget to play at all.  Not a good thing . . .

I spent this past week on vacation with a dear friend from my childhood days.  Karen was the girl-next-door in my hometown and the first of a lifetime of sweet friends.  We both felt a little overwhelmed by the demands of life and she proposed the perfect remedy - a road trip to visit her parents in Florida.  We spent a glorious week in Venice, Florida with the Green Family - Pete and Sugie.  Talk about southern hospitality!  These folks treated me like another daughter and made my visit a true retreat.  Vacation included steamed crabs on the Peace River, a 30 mile bike ride on Legacy trail, a stroll through the scenic Selby gardens, a girls' night out to the movies, a little shopping, and lots of story-telling.  Karen's parents had us rolling in the floor laughing with tales of their antics from Colonial Beach.  We reminisced about our childhoods and re-connected as adults, marveling at how, though separated by years we still have so much in common. 

The week was truly a gift -and I am thankful.  

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  1. We all need a trip like this--every minute of it sounds wonderful, that loooong bike ride, the gardens, all of it. You and Karen look relaxed and happy. And the photo with the quote is stunning. Clearly you don't RadLab and Snapseed your photos within an inch of their life like I do!


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