Sunday, April 15, 2012

Flowers Beside Your Feet

I am fortunate to have dear friends who still send cards and letters and well wishes, not only by email, but by way of the postal service as well.

My life long friend, Teresa, sends gorgeous hand made cards, beautifully stamped and embellished with heartfelt wishes.  I have saved every card she has ever sent my way.  The old suitcase under my bed holds those cards - and a lifetime of friendship.
My friend Caitlin, operates in stealth, often leaving a thougthtful card on my front porch for me to discover on my own.

My friend, Melodie, will write words to me in a card or a note that we don't often say out loud but know without a doubt that we feel.

My friend, Candice, searches through boxes of vintage greeting cards at local thrift and junk shops.  She cherishes the messages and handwritten signatures as testaments to love and caring that persist across generations.  On a recent trip to Slindy's in Culpeper, Candice stocked up on cards to recycle and re-send to friends and family.  I picked up a card or two, as well.  I know that flowery language and sweet sentiments are somewhat out of style . . . but I couldn't resist this pretty little poem.
God's bright sunshine overhead,
God's flowers beside your feet.
And by such pleasant pathways led,
May all your life be sweet.
-- Helen Waithme
 A few flowery pictures to welcome spring and reach out to friends.  There are struggles enough in this world, and they cannot be denied.  But a little sweetness goes a long way toward a joyful heart.                                                   

spring triptych 1
spring triptych 2

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  1. I always think of April as the purple month, and now I know why. It's not just wisteria and lilacs, but Easter eggs and Poetry Month and the lavender-remembrance of friends. What would we do without cards to send? Like yours, which are pretty enough to frame!


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